Caretaker President on callous quest for power by electoral fraud

Dear Editor,
It is utterly disgusting to read the words of caretaker President Granger as per news release, “The incumbent APNU+AFC continues to insist that the elections be decided not just on quantity of votes cast, but on the quality of those votes”.
Well, for Mr. Granger’s information and his edification, since he always has his own perverted interpretation of the Constitution and laws of Guyana, both the quality and quantity of votes cast in the March 2, 2020 General Elections have passed the test; and their validity has already been established beyond a shadow of a doubt at the places of poll, where they were counted and recorded as per Statements of Poll (SOPs).
Further, the quality and quantity of all the votes from 2339 ballot boxes were tested by the National Recount exercise (plus the quasi–audit orchestrated by APNU+AFC during the Recount exercise as part of their fault-finding mission and fallacious crusades) and they have been proven to be valid and in a state that reflected unison in both their quality and quantity in order to arrive at a figure of total valid votes, which is the basis for an official declaration of the national elections’ results.
So, as it stands, Mr. Granger, please be advised that any other means of deciding the ‘quality from the quantity’ of valid votes cast apart from the process outlined above will constitute electoral fraud.

Paul Ramrattan