Carib Soca Monarch final set to explode National Park on Saturday

The Mackenzie Sports Club Ground was lit on Saturday evening when 17 soca artistes invaded the mining town of Linden for the semi-final of the Carib Soca Monarch competition. After intense competition, 14 artistes made it to the final where they will compete with reigning Soca Monarch Brandon Harding.
The clash of the big guns will take place on Saturday evening at the National Park Tarmac, Georgetown.
In the first half of the competition, the following artistes are expected to take to the stage – Onassis Croker with “Waan Feel The Vibes”; Clifton Adolphus who will perform “Miss J’Ouvert”; Shaima Muna with “Na Tired Yet”; Osbert Cain with “Soca King”; Alisha Hamid with “Melody-Jammin”; Collis Mc Donald with “Proof-Push Back” and Roderick Allicock with “All Out”.
The second half of the competition will feature Sherwin Rose who will perform “Cat and Dog”; Steven Ramphal with “The Vibe”; Colwin Blair with “Full Access”; Quincy Boyce with “Badda Bumpa”; Melissa Roberts with “One Voice” and Ernesta Nelson with “Beating Palm”.
The final two performers for the evening are expected to set the stage on fire since a fierce competition is expected. These are Brandon Harding who is set to perform his 2019 song titled “Alone” and former Soca Monarch, Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo with “Tribute”.
Now that the artistes are all making final preparations for the big night, the security arrangements are being worked out. Admission to the final cost $1000. The action is expected to commence at 20:00h.