Caught arranging a ‘pay to play’ meeting

Dear Editor,
Rickford Burke sent letters to Guyanese-American community leaders, inviting them to “Special Meeting US Member of Congress”, Burke was emphatic that “this meeting is strictly confidential and by invite only. Consequently, this invite is for the addressee only, is not transferable to any other person, and should not be shared with anyone else or disclosed publicly”. As with all good Guyanese secrets, the letter immediately leaked, along with the gossip that a sum of money was requested as a ‘donation’ should the invitee take up the invitation. I published the letter unaltered on social media, though I did highlight relevant sections and grammatical errors; the proverbial cat was let loose among the pigeons and it did not take long for the squawking to begin.
Rickford Burke’s first response was that following my social media post (FB), he (Burke) received death threats from a US number, how Burke connects the two unrelated events is beyond me and for more experienced minds to figure out. Burke’s second response was more telling, however; he (Burke) claimed the letter was a fabrication and that I (Robin Singh) was the one calling people in the United States Diaspora and soliciting funds for meetings with Members of the US Congress, including Hakeem Jeffries (a known Burke associate); Yevette Clarke and Gregory Meeks and I was under investigation by the FBI! This balderdash was carried by a pseudo-online news outlet, The Village Voice. I found it amusing as I, like most Guyanese, am used to Burke’s fantasies, remember he was assaulted by the marshal serving a warrant until the video surfaced that proved otherwise; then I got to thinking.
It would seem that Burke has been caught arranging a ‘pay to play’ meeting for his friend Hakeem Jeffries, at this point I am unclear if Jefferies was an active participant, but the right federal (not state) investigation would sort that out quickly. New York is too corrupt for a state investigation.
I will be making a formal legal complaint against Burke for his fabrications and defamation in the US justice system, and informing the Republican Leaders in Congress of Hakeem Jeffries’s associations and possible misconduct. I look forward to a REAL FBI inquiry soonest.

Robin Singh