Caught red-handed!

Dear Editor,
The chance for a People’s Progressive Party/Civic- elected Government to create a positive legacy through investment for the people of Guyana, moreso the residents of Linden and Region #10, is a once-in-a-lifetime event. That event is happening right now.
Numerous Guyanese have come to realise that the APNU-AFC Government they voted for in 2015 — which had promised to create effective change and to provide a good life for every Guyanese — has disappointed, failed, embraced and betrayed their trust.
The recent disclosures: that the Partnership for National Unity (APNU) regime has made every attempt to rig the 2020 General and Regional Election by making fraudulent declarations that were proclaimed for District Four by Clairmont Mingo on March 13 at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Headquarters, have demonstrated and shown the Guyanese people and the world the strong desire to make sure that David Granger is returned to office. Guyanese across this country have witnessed Clairmont Mingo’s fraud first-hand; which was done twice in front of the internal and local observers and opposition parties’ representatives.
Clairmont Mingo: you were caught red-handed rigging the 2020 General Election. You are already a Guyanese household name, and will go down in Guyana’s future history book as “Mingo, the extraordinary rigger.”
The coalition representative’s refusal to sign the certification of District 2 results, since it contains the words “valid vote”, does not have any bearing on the results or the certification, and does not invalidate the certification itself.
The ongoing recount process has exposed glaring instances when the figures presented by Returning Officer of Region Four, Clairmont Mingo, were clearly fiddled with. Now that these pieces of evidence have presented themselves, and Mingo has been caught red-handed, GECOM has an opportunity to redeem itself by posting these Statements of Recount (SoRs) that are completed alongside the Statements of Poll (SOPs), parallel to what is presently displayed on the GECOM website for public scrutiny, even as the SoRs are showing a vastly different figure than those which were announced.
Guyanese will have a better understanding of the truth, and adjust their thinking towards rebuilding our country; so by the time true results are announced, every Guyanese will be joining hands in working towards building modern silk road with prosperity, inclusiveness and sustainability through mutually beneficial and win -win cooperation.
An elected People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government knows that Guyanese were surprisingly skeptical of the APNU-AFC Administration and its cohorts since they became more and more aware of the clandestine, corrupt and deceitful activities over the past months. The People’s Progressive Party/Civic will not allow the APNU-AFC Administration to continue betraying the Guyanese people, and further pledges to work with the every Guyanese, including patriotic supporters of the APNU-AFC and all small political parties, to root out the corruption, cronyism, discrimination and political spitefulness which are such prominent features of the APNU-AFC caretaker regime.
Guyanese must know that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic leadership’s strategic planners are presently working diligently on existing strategies and plans with clear visions for a sustainable outcome after this COVID-19 pandemic that has affected every Guyanese, our communities and our economies. This responsibility is more important than any other need when considering all scenarios to make all adjustments from day number #1 of an elected People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government.
With that said, many of the challenges that existed before the COVID-19 pandemic will be addressed, including affordable housing and accessibility to jobs and services for every Guyanese, young and elderly; and our health care system.
These problems are known and clear, and we have an opportunity right now to tackle them in a unique way. The COVID-19 will continue to affect Guyanese and economies long after restrictions have been lifted; that is why it is imperative that we all work together.
A People’s Progressive Party/ Civic Government would invest in the right infrastructure to support economic recovery and improve our current and future generations’ lives and livelihoods.
It’s time to hold fast, Guyanese; be focused, and explore new ways to capture opportunities within the People’s Progressive Party/Civic’s existing strategic plans. Take time to view PPP/C Manifesto, which outlines a time-bound plan that is very targeted to specific initiatives for women, children, farmers, miners, the forestry sector, the oil and gas sector, and other issues that are specific to our country and society. the plan has specific targeted outcomes, targeted initiatives that will examine each issue in a holistic way, with specific measurable targets.

David Adams