CDC lends support to severely affected family

Freak storm in Berbice

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) will be assisting one of the families who were affected by a freak storm at Number 36 Village, region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The Razacks’ damaged home

Heavy winds and rain swept through the community on Wednesday, ripping off zinc sheets from the roofs of several houses.
The Razak family suffered the brunt of the storm as their entire roof was ripped off and the kitchen located in the lower flat was inundated, damaging their appliances and furniture.
Several family members suffered minor injuries as they tried to find safety.
Speaking with the media on Wednesday afternoon, Dian Razak, 31, a mother of two, recalled she was in the hammock in the lower flat of their two-storey wooden and concrete home when her son ran in shouting.
The mother realised her 10-year-old was trying to get her attention and upon investigating, she saw several zinc sheets being ripped off her house.
She told her son to run as she picked up her two-year-old and ran to the front of the house where she covered her two children until the storm passed. While running to safety the 10-year-old was struck behind the neck and had to seek medical attention while his mother was struck on the leg.
During the ordeal, Mr Razak, who had been asleep, was awakened by the noise and sought shelter with his family.
Senior Response Officer of the CDC, Captain Salim October has told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the agency was in the process of finalising assistance for the family.
Meanwhile, at least three other homes in the street also lost zinc sheets from their roofs during the freak storm.
By Wednesday afternoon, most of the affected families were able to repair their damaged roofs.