Celebrating 100 days of democracy

Dear Editor,
It has been 100 days since the PPP Government finally got into office, after the previous administration tried to pull every trick possible under the sky to steal the elections.
Who can forget that eventful day when Mr. Granger had no choice but to cave into local and international pressure and give way to the rightful winner of the elections?
President Irfaan Ali ought to take seriously Freddie Kissoon’s suggestion to build a bust of Bruce Golding, Owen Arthur, American Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch; Canadian High Commissioner Lilian Chatterjee; British High Commissioner Greg Quinn and EU Ambassador Fernando Ponz Cantó, and place these in a prominent part of the country. If it weren’t for these folks – culminating with a call from Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State – the Guyanese people might still be wallowing in a state of desperation, because of the election quandary.
The people of this country should never forget the electioneering trickery perpetrated on them for five months when there were blatant attempts at rigging.
Except for those who could not have their merry way, the Guyanese people are generally pleased with the PPP performance, which has made enormous headway for their first 100 days in power. One must commend the PPP for exposing the widespread nepotism, wanton corruption, and self-gratification and abuse of state resources by movers within the previous Government. President Ali and his team are doing a fantastic job at this critical political and economic juncture, coupled with the challenge of the pandemic.
Thank you, diplomats. Thank you, local stalwarts and unsung heroes. It has been one hundred days – with many more to come – to celebrate democracy, that precious entity treasured by many!

Yours truly,
Dr Devanand