…and constitutional B.S.
When the AFC were in the Opposition, their “big Issue” was “constitutional change”. They pointed out all sorts of democratic “inconsistencies” in what remained essentially Burnham’s 1980 Constitution, which had been customised to satisfy his megalomaniacal, dictatorial compulsions. In the Manifesto crafted with APNU after they became joined at the hip was the promise under the heading “priority Areas to be addressed”: “The introduction of a meaningful Constitutional Reform Programme geared towards improved governance and fair representation”.
So what happened during the following four years, since we know absolutely squat was done on Constitution and Granger’s acting just as authoritarian as his mentor Burnham? Well, Nagamootoo was given responsibility for this critical project, and since his only other job was to write a weekly column in the Chronic, you’d think we’d have a brand new Constitution by now, wouldn’t you? Fat chance!! Because he’d been neutered immediately by getting his big, fat salary, SUVs and outriders, how could he dare suggest changes that would reduce Granger’s powers — even though by the Cummingsburg Accord he’d get those powers!! Didn’t Martin Carter have something to say about “mouths being muzzled by hands that feed them”??
After a flurry of activities by then AFC executive member Nigel Hughes, who chaired a Steering Committee on Constitutional Change”, Nagamootoo deep-sixed the Commission’s recommendations! But now, with elections looming because of the upcoming CCJ’s ruling on the NCM, Nagamootoo has suddenly had an epiphany on the way to fighting Ramjattan for the PM’s slot!! A big, booming voice from the heavens probably asked, “Naga…Naga, why betrayest constitutional change?”
But you’d never guess the reason Nagamootoo gave for his epiphany – even though we know he wasn’t about to suggest reducing Granger’s powers! Nagamootoo declared he was ashamed so many of his MPs didn’t understand the math behind the Article on the No Confidence Motion involved creating “half-men” and then joining them up again, presumably at the hip!! Never mind that, back in 2014, he’d brought the identical motion against the PPP, and when the PPP brought theirs in Dec 2018, he mocked them for cogging his phrasing!! And that directly after the NCM resolution was passed he held his doleful press conference announcing that democracy had triumphed!!
But, funny enough, Nagamootoo isn’t going to start his constitutional education class with his MPs, he’s going into the schools to work on our next generation!! Why has he given up on his MPs?? Does he know the CCJ will make some definitive rulings that’ll give his senior partner, the PNC, absolutely no wriggle room??
But why make the children suffer with his BS??

…in British politics
With Theresa May resigning over in old Blighty, the Tories are about to select their next leader, who will then be Britain’s next Prime Minister until the next general elections are called. And this being Britain, the punters have already declared the odds on what is now a crowded field of six and counting!! The favourite at this time is no other than Britain’s answer to Trump’s tousled blonde locks – Boris Johnson, with 6 to 4 odds. A while back, Johnson, who’s a journalist and former Mayor of London (twice), MP and Foreign Secretary, had declared, “My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive.”
Well it does look like Elvis’s sporadic sightings might finally be locked down, ‘cause while nothing is certain in life but death – the jury’s still out on “taxes”, here in Guyana!! – your Eyewitness can’t see anyone stopping the irrepressible Johnson.
If only for his inimitable style of dubbing some political opponents “great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies”!!

…and charges
If ‘whistle-blowers’ sparked SARA’s probe of oil blocks’ allocations, why can’t President Granger do the same and order an investigation into the whistle-blowers’ accusations of gross incompetence, sexual misconduct, and verbal abuse of staff against Basil Williams?
Or, like with “I is” Broomes, it’s a “party matter”??