Changes will come to the city when City Hall works along with the Government of the day

Dear Editor,
There are two significant areas that the PNC/APNU usually claim as their own stomping ground; these are, the public service and the municipality, and I must say that, as a party, they have been doing quite a fantastic job at subversive politics where these two areas are concerned.
For our discussion today, we shall be stationed in the city, taking an in-depth look at this place, where recent hotspot events are taking place.
Georgetown is the heartland of the PNC, and is the perfect example for them to showcase what a city should not be. For starters, the city is a dirty, smelly place where vagrants and pickpockets roam. It is an overcrowded locale where poor and substandard services are a normality. On any given day, it would be the unfortunate experience of anyone conducting business to fall victim to the usual con-artist or corrupt artisan.
That is Georgetown, led by an administration that is equally known for its mediocrity.
As the seat of Government, one would have thought that Georgetown is a place where fine manners proliferate, a place that is orderly and well managed; but that is not to be, the City Council is an atrocious example of an itinerant mendicant, as the Pandit Mayor goes around begging for money to run the city. With cap in hand, he is out, asking here and there for benevolent donations. This decadence has to stop.
The New PPP/C Government, for its part, has said it would be making subventions to the City; however, that can be done only if the management style of the City changes. In fact, the Government has given the City an ultimatum: There would be no cash coming their way except and until a comprehensive audit is done.
This latest call by the Government should sober up the Mayor and City Council to pay strict attention to their management style, and straighten up for the better.
We are talking about the instant removal of the dinosaur deadweight regime of a Royston King, Chase-Green and Oscar Clark, just to name a few. Such individuals work in open defiance of the Local Government Ministry, and are otherwise obstacles to progress. Business in our capital city cannot continue to go on this way.
In conclusion, the Municipality of the City of Georgetown must – I repeat, must – work along with the New PPP/C Government, and not the other way around. This backwardness of a rundown, cash-strapped City Council must end now. The PNC-dominated City Hall has been running the City like a cook-up-and-dogfood stand for decades, with bad results being the consequence. It is high time for a new and enlightened approach to the management of the City.

Neil Adams