… PNC’s allegations
In Guyana was there anyone who believed Claudette Singh when – against the background of the PNC’s alleging “thousands” of dead and migrants (and maybe some dead migrants!) voted on March 2 – she declared stoutly, “he who asserts must prove”? Well, maybe those folks who just want this election’s counting and recounting to be over so they can get on with their lives! But Claudette has pulled this trick one time too many for your jaded Eyewitness – and he’s been saying so, hasn’t he?
This is being pointed out not just for the sake of patting himself on the back, but to emphasise that from the very beginning of her tenure, Claudette’s decisions have gone ten for the PNC and one for the PPP. No one could miss her bias. So here we have it: a letter from her has surfaced which shows that GECOM’s PNC point man Vincent Alexander knew of what he spoke when he insisted that Chairman Claudette had written the Police to check emigration records to ascertain PNC’s objections to specific folks who were out of the country on March 2 had yet voted.
Alexander’s opposite number from the PPP’s side had vehemently declared that Alexander didn’t know what he was talking about. And that the Commission hadn’t made any such decision. That might very well have been true, but the tip-off to your Eyewitness was that Alexander had never said the “Commission” had made the decision – simply that the Chair had done the deed. And when the Chair didn’t pull Alexander up for speaking on her behalf – as she’d snarkily just done to the PPP’s Commissioner Gunraj via a tersely worded press release – your Eyewitness knew something was afoot. And that foot was firmly planted in the PNC’s camp.
Now a lot of legal types have already weighed in, stamping their feet and asserting in stentorian tones that Claudette can’t act as if she’s on the Bench and start weighing evidence and all that stuff. But Claudette will now hope that she has a fait accompli and argue that once she’d snucked in a de facto audit under her legal remit – which confines her to a “recount” – she’s entitled to take the audit to its limit!!
The Opposition parties have to move to the Courts early this morning to head her off at the pass, because what she’s done is just eye-pass on our country. But don’t tell this to PNCites like Lincoln Lewis who thinks she’s God’s gift to the Judiciary – pipping local stalwarts like JOF Haynes and even probably, old Blackstone himself!!
But in reality, she’s wallowing in the stench of her PNC predecessors like Bollers and Patterson.

…for racism in Guyana
George Floyd’s death under the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis has stirred indignation and anger in dozens of US and European cities like London. Sadly, your Eyewitness thinks these protests and riots will result in some CoIs, some changes in some of the Police procedures in the States, but then things will slowly revert back to the status quo.
Fact of the matter is that anti-Black racism is woven into the very fabric of Western “civilisation”, which is now the standard for every other civilisation on planet earth. So, if you scratch what goes on in China, or Russia and Australia or India, you’ll see the sickness expressing itself. Most poignantly, the canker of anti-Black racism has infected even some phenotypically “black” persons in Africa and the Caribbean, including Guyana.
Take most of the Oreo top leaders of the PNC. They’ve internalised the anti-Black sickness – as was pointed out by Walter Rodney and are contemptuous of their mass supporters.
Luckily, the elections showed that the latter have gotten woke!!

…PNC’s lobbying
Your Eyewitness is waiting (but not holding his breath) for some action from the high-priced lobbyists the PNC hired in Washington through the largesse of their supporters who must’ve contributed generously when they passed around the hat.