National youth cricketer Chetram Balgobin is the latest youth to benefit from the project “CRICKET GEAR FOR YOUNG AND PROMISING CRICKETERS IN GUYANA”.
This talented 19-year-old powerful left-handed batsman, who bowls off-spin as well as medium pace, was selected to represent Guyana at the Under-17 level in Trinidad. He became one of the shining lights, despite a disappointing performance from the team.
He also represented Demerara at the Under-17 and Under-19 levels, and was recently selected to attend the senior national trials held at the historic Albion Sports Complex on the Corentyne Coast in East Berbice.
Chetram Balgobin has been presented with a cricket bat on behalf of the project. On receiving the token, he was very thankful for the gesture, and promised to continue working hard on his game.
Aaron Beharry, representing the project, said his dad Anil Beharry has been very impressed with the skills Balgobin has displayed, hence the gift to Balgobin.
Here is a tally of the total cricket-related items collected so far: $40,000 cash, two trophies, two pairs of cricket boots, twelve pairs of batting pads, fourteen bats, nine pairs of batting gloves, and four cricket bags.
To date, 22 young players from the Essequibo Coast, Pomeroon, Georgetown, East Coast Demerara, and in areas in East Canje and the Upper Corentyne in East Berbice have already benefited from a junior gear bag, two trophies, nine bats, six pairs of batting pads and six pairs of batting gloves. In addition, the Rose Hall Estate Cricket Club has benefited from receipt of a pair of stumps and bails, and two clubs in the Pomeroon area have benefited from the receipt of two used bats.
This project is an initiative jointly being rolled out by Kishan Das of the USA and Anil Beharry. It entails cricket-related items, used or new, being distributed free of cost to young and promising cricketers in Guyana. Skills, discipline and education are important characteristics of the recipients. Talent-spotting is being done across the country, and club leaders are also assisting to identify talent.
Persons who wish to make a contribution to the project can contact Anil Beharry or Kishan Das. Beharry and Das take this opportunity to thank the following persons who have contributed to the rollout of this initiative: Javed and Imran of West Indian Sports Complex, Option Group of the USA, Hilbert Foster, Bish Panday of P and P Insurance Brokers, Sean Devers, Trevis Simon, Årïêl J. Tïlkú, Aaron Beharry, Leanna Bachan and Imran Saccoor, Devon Ramnauth, Teddy Singh, Romash Munna, Ravi Etwaroo, Ravin Harkishun, Surendra Harkishun, Allan Mangru, Vishal Mahabir, Sherman Austin, Huburn Evans, Rajendra Sadeo and Ramesh Sunich of Trophy Stall.
As soon as gear is available, more distributions would be done to deserving athletes. Anyone interested in contributing can contact Anil Beharry on 623-6875 or Kishan Das on 1-718-664- 0896.