Chinese Govt donates ventilators, PPE to aid COVID-19 battle

…expresses commitment to work in other areas of public health

The People’s Republic of China on Friday continued its commitment to strengthen Guyana’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with the donation of a quantity of personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators.
The donation was made to Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony by the Chinese Ambassador Cui Jinchun.

Some of the ventilators and personal protective equipment

Minister Anthony lauded the Chinese Government for its continued support to the Guyanese people since the country recorded its first case of COVID-19 back in March. He noted that there have been discussions on collaboration in the various sectors of the Public Health System and he is pleased by the commitment from China.
“We [are] extremely pleased for the donation and the discussion on collaboration in the public health sector. I am very pleased that the Chinese Government has been working to keep us safe. You are one of the very first Governments that provided with the very scarce PPEs when there was a global shortage. You somehow were able to find PPE to assist in our efforts in Guyana to combatting the disease and we are grateful to you for that effort,” the Minister stated.
Dr Anthony said that cooperation with China did not stop at the first donation, rather they continued to work with the country.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony receiving the donation from Chinese Ambassador Cui Jinchun

“This morning we receiving another supply of very valuable PPE because we need it for frontline workers and by having these supplies, we are able to protect our health workers and those patients who are in hospital and who need said supplies. It is an important gesture and it’s more than a gesture because it is going to help protect the lives of Guyanese people and the people here who would need this kind of protection.
“As patients, if they move to the more severe side of the disease then we will need to have them properly ventilated. We are pleased in this particular donation you’re helping us with some ventilating machines which would certainly help our hospitals a great deal. So we want to thank you and the Government of China for another donation to us,” Dr Anthony told the Chinese Ambassador. Meanwhile, Ambassador Cui Jinchun pledged his Government’s continued support to the people of Guyana.
“It is not the end of our support. I talked with President Mr Ali and we are working hard and we just had [a] discussion with the [Health] Minister. We have to work together to win this fight because in Guyana we have low risk here because of the people…we cannot be complacent. We have to follow the instructions, rules of the Government,” he said.
The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Collette Adams, was also present at the handing over. She expressed her gratitude to both the Ambassador and Minister for their work in the COVID-19 battle. She noted that the donation alone with the technical experience of the new Health Minister is what the country needs as it prepares to fight even harder to combat the pandemic.