Chinese Medical Brigade departs Guyana after serving for 1-year stint

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation recently bid farewell to the 17th Chinese Medical Brigade after they spent one year serving in Guyana.
During their one-year stint, the group attended to over one million patients and performed over 70,000 surgeries.
Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony, who was at the farewell ceremony, thanked the brigade for their exceptional work, noting that the Chinese team forms an integral part in helping to provide quality health service to the Guyanese public. He also expressed gratitude to the Chinese Government for providing the service which strengthens the relationship between the two countries.
Chief Executive officer (ag) of the Georgetown Public Hospital, Robbie Rambarran and Director (ag) of Medical and Professional Services, Dr David Samaroo thanked the Brigade for the exceptional job they performed and are looking forward to meeting the 18th Brigade.
Head of the Chinese Medical Brigade, Dr Duan Yunfei expressed his appreciation on behalf of himself and the Brigade for the opportunity to work in Guyana along their Guyanese peers, while learning the culture of Guyanese.
Tokens were presented to the Brigade and certificates of training were presented to the Guyanese doctors who participated in the programme, some of whom came from Linden.