Chris Ram’s numbers

Dear Editor,
Christopher Ram’s missive of May 31 asked: “What is the statistical probability of not one of these 9589 persons detecting a single one of the many thousands who according to Harmon, Norton and Williams committed impersonation on March 2, 2020?” To that number, Mr Ram can add 2339 PPP/C agents, who certainly would not participate in any attempt to commit electoral fraud.
I have participated in numerous PPP/C poll agent training sessions and can testify that it is quite detailed in Election Day procedures and fraud prevention tips. We have been lectured ad nauseam on keeping a meticulous record of the count, ticking, or drawing lines through the names of those who have already voted, and importantly, what rights we have as party poll agent.
These rights include asking to examine ID cards, asking a voter to come closer to compare folio pictures, and/or raising an objection to anyone we suspect to have voted previously as evidenced by remnants of indelible ink on any finger. Vigilance and vociferousness are the strongest themes in those training sessions.
APNU/AFC poll agents have been characterised as incompetent by their party and can make their defence of their intelligence and integrity, for me, I can only restate my objection to the implication that I and my fellow PPP/C agents would participate in electoral fraud by any action, passive or active. Mr Ram can revise his figure to 11,928 without fear of contradiction or being accused of using ‘Mingo mathematics’.

Robin Singh