Christianburg-Wismar begin campaign with 7-0 win

Milo Under-18 Football Tournament…

The Milo School’s Under-18 Football tournament closed out yet another weekend of exhilarating football action with three exciting matches on Sunday afternoon.
The six teams involved ensured that spectators at the Ministry of Education Ground on Carifesta Avenue were treated to keen competition on both ends of the field. However, there was a fair share of winners and those who missed the mark.
Among those who outshone their counterparts were the boys hailing from Linden (Christianburg-Wismar Secondary School), who made a strong start, signalling that they do not intend to miss out on the top spot this time around.
Also amongst the winners on Sunday were Vergenoegen Secondary and Friendship Secondary, who were the first to taste victory. Friendship met with Ann’s Grove in the first encounter, which set the bar for the level of competition for the day. Both sides had their share of near misses in the first half, but the goalkeepers worked as hard as the strikers, preventing any goals from being scored within the first half.
Two minutes into the second half, Friendship Secondary had their reward with a goal off the boots of Dornel Mc Lennon in the 37th. The goal only made both sides hunt harder, Friendship for the advantage and Ann’s Grove for the equaliser. After much back and forth, the advantage eventually came to Friendship in the 52nd, thanks to the accuracy of Shane Sharp’s shot. Regulation time expired with the score on 2-0, resulting in a win for Friendship Secondary.
The second game of the day was by far the most entertaining, and seven goals were netted therein. Christianburg-Wismar Secondary made the most of their trip to Georgetown with a thrashing of St. John’s College. In the earlier parts of their encounter, St. John’s looked up to the task of seriously challenging the usually fast paced Linden team, but their high spirits were daunted when Wayne Wilson connected with the goal in the 7th. Minutes later, Keron Sharpe extended CWSS’ lead to 2-0 with a slip past the St. John’s goalkeeper in the 16th. The St. John’s defence did well in the remainder of the half to restrict Christianburg-Wismar’s lead to 2, but they could not hold up in the second.
The second half of the game could be described as a rain of goals, and it saw Captain Andre Mayer netting a hat trick with back to back goals in the 41st, 42nd and 45th minutes. Three minutes after Mayer’s brilliance, Randy Pickering added one to the tally. The CWSS’ final goal came when Hiram Gilkes found the back of the net in the 60th, to close off a 7-0 win.
Georgetown’s Tutorial High battled with West Demerara’s Vergenoegen Secondary in the final match of the day. The one-sided affair began with Riveldo Smith netting the first goal of the game in the 16th. Vergenogen Secondary’s goalkeeper proved to be a trusty custodian, as he, along with their defence, managed to hold an aggressive Tutorial at bay. Chris Smith and Ray Adams both netted one each in the second half to bring the scorecard to 3-0.
The Milo Under-18 School’s Football tournament, which is being coordinated by the Petra Organisation, will continue on Sunday February 24 at the Ministry of Education Ground.