Chutney Monarch semi-final for Bath Settlement Ground on Sunday

All roads will lead to the Bath Settlement Community Centre Ground on Sunday evening for the semi-final of the Chutney Monarch, where 12 artistes clash head-on for a space in the final. The artistes are making sure their props and sounds are in order for the big showdown.
The final is billed for Sunday, February 17, at the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground. Reigning Chutney Monarch, Bunty Singh, will be defending his title on the night of the final with his entry “Mashaaraani and She Polaures”.
He will nevertheless be competing with several young, upcoming and promising artistes who are ready to take on the challenge.
Pooran Seeraj, a former Chutney Monarch who had taken a break due to commitment overseas, is back and he will be performing “GT Ladki”. On the other hand, Steven Ramphall who has been creating quite a vibe will be performing “Rang ke bare”.
Some of the other artistes that have been creating quite a stir are Arijit Singh who will perform “Ring on the lukanee”; Parsasram Singh, also known as “Vicadi Singh” with perform “Mr Rajput”; Sasnaayan Hitnarayan, also called “Prince HTN” with the piece “Love and Unity”.
The others who are competing for the title are Chandarpaul Nathoo who will be singing his tune “Mash 49”; Goonwattie Harrynarine, also called “Amrita” will perform “Dulaha Dulahin”; Hamesh Rhyna, called “Entertainer V Star” with “My dreams”; Deonarine Balkissoon, also called “Nishal B” will perform “I Proud to be a Guyana”; Satish Udairam with “Mash up Guyana” and another Berbician, Christopher Ramphal with “Sundar Larki”.
They contestants will be backed by the Shakti Strings Orchestra.