CIOG spearheads medical outreach in Amerindian communities

The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) spearheaded a medical outreach in St Cuthbert’s Mission and Santa Mission on January 23 and 27, respectively. The initiative was supported by the US Embassy’s Military Information Support Team, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), TSI Security services and Sterling Products Limited.

Distribution of Items to the Public

The main purpose of the outreach was to provide medical assistance to the communities in general. The residents were able to have their blood pressure and glucose levels tested, access to mental healthcare, provision of over-the-counter medication, and overall general medical check-ups, whereas the children were able to gain paediatric healthcare.

The U.S Embassy to Guyana Military Information Support Team; incoming team leader-George Cabarrus handing over stationery supplies to the HM of the Primary and Nursery School in Santa Mission

The residents were also provided with first aid training. The medical team was able to provide assistance to over 600 persons in the communities inclusive of children, the elderly, and the disabled.
Along with the medical care provided, the residents were presented with packages that catered for their daily needs inclusive of hair and skincare products, sanitation products, mosquito nets, clothing, both children and adult diapers, food substances and stationery for the children.

Military Information Support Team – Team Leader David Giraldo assisting the elderly to the Doctor at St. Cuthsbert

Both communities’ health centres were provided with a wide range of medical items that would cater to daily health ailments. The school in Santa Mission was provided with a variety of reading books and stationery by team members of the US Embassy to Guyana Military Information Support Team who also provided further assistance to the school by installing and setting up their computers.

Distribution of Items to the Public

The CIOG expressed thanks to the Toshao of St Cuthbert’s Mission, Timothy Andrews and the Toshao of Santa Mission (Santa Aratak) Hilton Williams and their communities for their kind support and cooperation and to the doctors and others who gave their time and services voluntarily in making this humanitarian effort a successful one.