City Constable who threatened reputed wife stabbed to death

A City Constable who threatened to kill his reputed wife has been stabbed to death along Mandela Avenue, in the vicinity of Cevon’s Waste Management, in the wee hours of Tuesday.

Dead: Lester Sobers

The dead man has been identified as 25-year-old Lester Sobers, a former City Constable and late resident of Block ‘X’, A Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown.
Based on information received, the late Sobers and his children’s mother had had a misunderstanding at their Sophia residence after she had requested to visit her sister’s business place along Mandela Avenue, Georgetown. Shortly after her arrival there, Sobers turned up and started to verbally abuse the woman, and even threatened to kill her, after which he left.
The woman reportedly went to the East La Penitence Police Station and reported the incident. The Police then escorted her back to her sister’s place of business, and also made checks for Sobers, but he was not seen.
Shortly after the Police left the area, Sobers returned with a cutlass and continued to abuse the woman, but was warned to desist from threatening the woman by her brother-in-law.

Sobers body lying on the roadway

Again he left the area and returned, this time with his brother on a motorcycle. He was still armed with the cutlass, and he and his brother both began to abuse and threaten the woman, her sister, and her brother-in-law.
Again, the brother-in-law told Sobers and his brother to desist from making threats, and, more so, to remove from in front of his business premises, but they refused. Sobers then dismounted the motorcycle on which they had arrived and, with the cutlass, fired a lash at the brother-in-law, which connected to his head.
This resulted in a fight between the two men, during which the brother-in-law armed himself with a knife and stabbed Sobers in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground. The ambulance service was summoned to the area, and medical personnel pronounced Sobers dead.
According to information received, the deceased was lying on his back with a bruise to his left side forehead, another bruise to his right side neck, and a stab wound to his left side chest.
A pink-handled knife was found about five feet from his body, and a cutlass was also found at the scene. The body was then picked up and escorted to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home to await a post-mortem examination.
The suspect was escorted to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where he was treated before being handed over to the Police. Sobers’s brother was also arrested, and is assisting with the investigations.
CCTV footage is also being reviewed by the Police as investigations continue.