Clean, transparent and honest governance

Dear Editor,
When a party is voted into Government it is obligatory that they govern in such a way that all the citizens of that country can benefit. The people of that country ought to feel safe that they have made the right choice – a choice which of course must be respected – and then move on to the governance aspect, wherein it makes decisions, plans and projections to lead the people into a respectable life.
It is a hallowed responsibility wherein you must carry out the wishes of the people who placed you there and not superimpose your own partisan political ideologies, these are the fundamental rules which I will caption Governance 101. And this has been the bugbear of our country for the last 5 years 5 months on and even before that, for 28 continuous years. I am talking about a nation called Guyana which was suppressed by the foolish actions of a party who was, and still is, rooted in the concept of triumphalism and crass dictatorship.
Well, that false concept of theirs was soon put to rest, when the people of this country spoke in clear and unambiguous tones on March 2, 2020. The People wanted a change and it did come when they voted those repulsive persons out of office. The denizens were given their marching orders and told to get their knees off our windpipes and set us free again.
Another aspect of good governance is the rights of the people to not only hear what the Government is doing for them but to see what they have done. For the last five years we were told of the “good life” but never lay hold of it, that life was an illusion that always lay in the distance in the constant talk of it and nothing else. The term seeing is believing rings true in this debate, hence the people of this country hungered for the experience of that good life.
The point is, we must not only hear of a “good life,” we steadfastly look forward to seeing it, that is, having visible signs of where our monies are being spent, whether it is on a new road, a new wharf or a new helicopter, we reserve the right to see and feel it. We are also cognisant of the fact that our livelihoods or our standard of living should be improved. Our level of existence must show significant improvement.
If one can only see the improvement of the lives of the elected ones and not for those of the ordinary people, then something is radically wrong with that Government structure and strict investigation must be mounted to audit that system and the persons therein. So, there are checks and balances that were put in place to curb the excesses of those who believe they can improve their prosperity and trample on the poverty of the hard-working taxpayer. If a party believes that they can raid the treasury for their own personal benefit and the people would give them a free pass, then they need to think again, this goes for both Government and Opposition.
Now, this is where the rubber hits the road, because when persons are placed under the microscope they must not turn again and say I am being hunted down, they must be free and available at all times to stand the test. The PPP/C took theirs and stood up like a man, now when it is the APNU/AFC’s turn to face the heat, we are greeted with a multitude of lame and obnoxious excuses. The fact remains, no party in or out of office must be allowed to get away with it, they must be held accountable for their actions.
So, I say in this new dispensation of things, we look forward to the observance of clean, transparent and honest governance.

Neil Adams