…the GECOM Stables
Your Eyewitness isn’t sure Greek Mythology is taught in our schools any longer, but thanks to Hollywood in general – and Disney in particular! – he’s pretty sure most know the story of Hercules and the 12 labours he had to perform. Each has become a metaphor for being given an impossible task. Especially cleaning the Augean Stables, where the filth of thousands of animals has accumulated for 30 years – and the cleaning had to be done in a single day!!
But Hercules got it done…by cleverly making holes in two opposing walls of the stable, and diverting the waters of two rivers through them, to wash out the filth!! Now, in a post-1992 reprise, after the PNC was finally pried out of office a year ago, the PPP has had to perform one Herculean feat after another. The latest was the mess accumulated in the GECOM Secretariat since 1992 – just a tad under 30 years!! Well, on Thursday, they made a start and, hopefully by next month, should complete the task. The PNC’s excretions are that much more difficult to remove, since they’re unfortunately institutionalised!!
So Lowenfield, Myers and Mingo are finally gone. But boy, did it take some doing!! As we know, they’re before the courts for doing the (electoral) dirty, and maybe some hoped their conviction would’ve made us see their backs from GECOM. But that’s been dragged out; and – hey! – we have a democratic country to run. Which means holding elections that are mandated by our laws, like the Local Government Elections, due this year. And did anyone – outside of the PNC – really think we should trust another election to that trio?
Now, your Eyewitness knows, and respects, the principle of being held innocent until proven guilty, and all that. But Jeez – isn’t our seeing with our own eyes the shenanigans of the trio via social media live and direct during our record-breaking 5-month election-result wait enough of a smoking gun for us to form our conclusions? The PPP certainly thought so, but the 3 PNC Commissioners were there to stymie the firings by using every trick in the book – and then some. But every rope has an end, and on Thursday the end was reached when Justice Claudette Singh, the GECOM Chair, voted with the 3 PPP Commissioners to boot the trio out.
But the stables still aren’t clean, since there are so many of the same ilk remaining, who were hired by Lowenfield. But, right, now this task will be complete when we see who their replacements are. If Caesar’s wife had to be pure, then these replacements need another pass through the mill!
Let the vetting begin!!

…the (vaccine) resistance eye
It’s clear that the hesitance and refusal to accept COVID- 19 vaccination come from deep fears, since it’s literally a matter of life and death for refuseniks. You’d think death would wonderfully concentrate their minds!! Now, there’s a lot of talk about “knowing the science” and following the science. But your Eyewitness thinks there are just a handful of people who really can follow the science behind how vaccines work in general, much less the use of the techniques to snip, cut and attach portions of protein molecules (antigens) using mRNA to the various (harmless) viruses to trick and stimulate our immune system to produce antibodies to fight the COVID-19 virus.
What we can stress is that vaccines WORK!! Not many folks understand the physics behind Bernoulli’s Principle that makes planes fly. But apart from a tiny minority, we blithely board metal planes, which are heavier than air, and which common sense would advise “can’t fly”!!
The proof is seeing planes fly. Just illustrate the vaccines’ success.

…City Hall
You’ll understand human orneriness when you consider that the folks who run City Hall are elected year after year by the same folks they force to live in filth by not doing the jobs they’re paid to do!