Concerns raised…

…within the PNC
Your (patriotic) Eyewitness is worried about the PNC. In case you weren’t aware, Dear Readers, political parties can fall into depression just like people, and self-harm. After all, the former are merely a collection of sections of the latter. And if they practise “group think” to vote for their parties like lemmings jumping off cliffs, why wouldn’t their individual depression coagulate into a collective one? And believe you me, PNC supporters are mighty depressed.
Now, in all fairness, they have a whole lot to be depressed about. Starting from the top, what else but depression can strike a PNC supporter when they think of how they were betrayed by David Granger. Yes, they’d all agreed that Corbin just didn’t cut the right image for a 21st Century PNC…so he had to go. Heck, even CORBIN agreed with that assessment and hand-picked Granger from out of the blue!! Supporters were told he was a “master strategist”, who’d suckled at the feet of Burnham. He’d cultivated a studied butter-won’t-melt-in-his-mouth demeanour that was sure to sucker in those who didn’t know his real elitist proclivities.
But look how he was outmanoeuvred by Jagdeo and the PPP! He was a strategist all right –- at checkers while Jagdeo played chess! He never saw the NCM coming and was forced to drop his mask of urbane church-goer – who dropped to his knees at the drop of a hat – and reveal his crude craving for power. He inexorably lost each of his pieces as Jagdeo ran circles around him and finally had his King checkmated by the CCJ.
In a final show of bravado, he once again raised the hopes of the PNC faithful by insisting he could stare down the Western diplomats after his Burnhamite rigging attempt. But all he did in the end was to shamefully earn the moniker  “Sanctimonious Gangster” by Caricom leaders as he suddenly slunk away with his tail between his legs after Claudette Singh “held strain”. How much ignominy could a poor PNCite take?
A further downer was when they figured out he was just “trying a thing” with his elections petitions when he didn’t even ensure he was served within the specified time! More shame. But the depression that kicked in as massive corruption by PNC big ones was exposed became endemic as the PPP’s developmental blitzkrieg – launched when Granger fled his Bunker in Aug 2 – just kept developing momentum!
Then came the final straw. In the elections, some PNC faithful had already moved to the PPP in frustration with Granger’s inept leadership.
And now, with President Ali’s welter of initiatives, the move had become an exodus!  Granger had to go!

…about the vaccine
Now that the eagerly-awaited COVID-19 vaccines are finally being rolled out in the richer countries, concerns are being raised – and from insiders. The historic abbreviated time frame to produce them is actually one of the sources of concerns. To accomplish that within a year, the Governments had to allow all sorts of controls to be lifted all through the development path. The data on the tests, for instance, might not have been as rigorously monitored as it normally is. There’s the Moderna vaccine, for instance, which we now know needs two doses only through an accident in the vaccination programme! There are also concerns about possible side effects; mutations of the virus; longer-term effects, etc.
Now, from where your Eyewitness sits, — and it’s NOT in any medical chair! – these concerns are quite reasonable, even in the face of this global pandemic that has taken almost 1,700,000 lives.
But the bottom line is, if the vaccines weren’t available, those deaths would keep escalating!

…about oil production levels
Now that Exxon has reached the projected 120,000 bpd from Lisa 1, the cries for us to cap our production rate will rise. With renewables projected to clip oil within 30 years, your Eyewitness says:
“Let the oil gush even faster!”