Condemning attack on Imaam

Dear Editor,
It is with dismay and shock that I learned of the criminal attack on Robeena Zaman. I sincerely pray and hope that she fully recovers from the trauma and the wound she sustained in that disgusting attack. I am certain that the mental and physical scar of that dreadful morning will accompany her forever.
As for those of us who do not know Mister and Mistress Zaman, please allow me to shed some light on these two outstanding personalities. Mr Zaman is the Imaam of the Albouystown Mosque. He lives at the Mosque compound with their three children. They are by no means wealthy people, but they are rich in their hearts.
They dedicate their time, resources and efforts to help improve the lives of the people within that community. Mrs Zaman will teach the women to sew clothing, bake cakes and pastries, and other craft skills. She is relentless in her efforts to improve these underprivileged women within that community.
Two of the three children attended Queen’s College and now pursuing higher studies at the University of Guyana. Her passion is to work among the neglected, deprived and underprivileged class. I attest that this is a family who worked against all odds to help society.
All so often we hear, see and learn of similar attacks on innocent, defenceless persons. I am wondering where our country is heading and what is the response of our law enforcement authorities.
Many, many cases of robberies and harassment do not get the attention of the police department. In most cases, victims are even scared to report violations and robberies because of the royal-run-around by some police officers and even if they do make a report, very little is being done to apprehend the suspects.
I call on the hardworking Commissioner of Police to take personal interest into this matter to have the suspect arrested and charged.
I conclude by extending my sympathy to Mrs Zaman and her family as I wish her a speedy recovery.
May almighty God keep her safe.

Yours truly,
Nazar Mohamed