Condemning blatant attack by APNU+AFC MP

Dear Editor,
The WPO wishes to express its concern at a video posted recently on social media by APNU+AFC Parliamentarian Sherod Duncan, aimed at attacking Minister of Education the Honourable Priya Manickchand.
Once again, we see the depraved behaviour of some APNU+AFC members who, instead of dealing with the issues they are representing, have sunk to their usual low in attacking those in the current Government.
The video posted on social media shared by Duncan is crass, and clearly displays sexist and misogynistic behaviour to Minister Manickchand. This latest act reminds of callous attacks on the late Mrs. Janet Jagan when she was sworn in as President of Guyana, where foul language was used by PNC members to describe her. Last year Mia Motley, Prime Minister of Barbados, who in her capacity as Chairperson of CARICOM spoke out against attempts to subvert the democratic will of the Guyanese people, was not spared either. Many APNU+AFC members lambasted and cursed her out for taking a principled position on the election fiasco in Guyana.
Now we have a sitting Minister of Education who is under attack by these very operatives. These sexist attacks on women have not gone unnoticed.
The Minister has championed women’s rights issues, and has initiated progressive legislation to protect the rights of women and children, as well as the WOW programme to help women. She is working tirelessly to implement the Government’s programme aimed at ensuring that our children are protected during this pandemic which has negatively affected our children in Guyana and across the globe.
We in the WPO are proud of the work of the women within the PPP, and all women in Guyana who work towards supporting the development of Guyana. We condemn the vicious attacks on these women, and efforts made by persons such as Duncan that seek to pit women against other women. We call on the authorities to take whatever steps necessary to protect the Minister and others who are faced with such depravity.
WPO condemns this blatant attack on the Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, and would like to assure her that the majority of women in Guyana are firmly behind her.

Women’s Progressive