Conflict of interest and potential corruption in Essequibo Archers Club leadership

Dear Editor,
I am writing to urgently address a troubling matter concerning the leadership of the Essequibo Archers Club and its recent affiliation with Archery Guyana. The crux of the issue lies in the dual role assumed by Ms. Wazeeda Bacchus, a distinguished sports organiser associated with the National Sports Commission in Essequibo, who has taken on the presidency of this private sports club.
This alarming situation raises serious ethical questions regarding conflict of interest and the potential for corruption within both the Essequibo Archers Club and Archery Guyana. While the affiliation is commendable in showcasing the region’s burgeoning passion for archery and the shared commitment to fostering the sport’s growth across Guyana, it is crucial to address a significant ethical issue that has arisen from this affiliation.
President Wazeeda Bacchus holds a dual role that raises serious ethical and legal concerns. Serving as both a Government official and the president of a private sports club introduces a clear conflict of interest. This dual role could potentially compromise the impartiality and integrity of sports governance within the region, as it not only undermines the principles of fairness and transparency, but also creates fertile ground for nepotism and favouritism, thereby posing a direct threat to the integrity of the sport.
Moreover, the affiliation of the Essequibo Archers Club with Archery Guyana, coupled with the recent commendation for Ms. Bacchus’s outstanding efficiency in mobilising the first batch of participants and securing transportation, venue, and logistics for the successful hosting of the archery event in Essequibo, further underscores the potential for corrupt practices.
Further, the affiliation of the Essequibo Archers Club with Archery Guyana under these circumstances casts doubts on the legitimacy of the affiliation process and raises concerns about the influence of conflicted leadership on organizational decisions. It is imperative that sports organizations, especially governing bodies, operate with the utmost transparency and accountability in order to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all athletes.
It is imperative that the Guyana sports authority and the relevant authorities conduct a comprehensive investigation, since transparency and accountability are essential to maintaining the credibility of sports organizations and ensuring that they serve the best interests of the athletes and the public.
In conclusion, while the affiliation of the Essequibo Archers Club with Archery Guyana is a positive step for the sport of archery in Guyana, it is crucial to address the potential conflicts of interest and investigate any allegations of corruption, in order to uphold the integrity of sports governance in the country. The integrity of the sport and the trust of its athletes and supporters must be safeguarded, and transparency and accountability must prevail, as they are paramount and must be protected at all times.
Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.
Yours sincerely,
Y Lall