Contractors to face court for dumping waste in cemetery

Five contractors who were recently caught dumping waste material in the Le Repentir Cemetery, Georgetown, are expected to face the court shortly.
This was revealed by Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine at a recent press conference hosted at his office. The Mayor stated that the contractors were caught dumping slush taken from drains in the city into the cemetery. As such, they were arrested.

Le Repentir Cemetery

Narine said the contractors were contracted by the Public Works Ministry to clean the drains in Georgetown but instead of properly disposing of the waste, the contractors thought it best to dump it in the cemetery.
The Mayor said the Council is most times upbraided for these activities, but they are not responsible.
“These things happen when there is lack of information, and the Mayor and City Council get the blame. We feel the squeeze here…. so, sharing of the right information is very important and we are not getting that,” he said.
There have been several reports in the past of contractors dumping waste around Georgetown. In December 2019, garbage was heaped onto the corner of Regent and Bourda Streets by contract workers who were employed to clean the Bourda Cemetery.
As a result, taxi drivers who usually ply their trade in that vicinity could not have done so due to the stench and the horrible sight.