Cop robbed by knife-wielding bandit

A 38-year-old Policeman was on Friday evening robbed of a quantity of items as he was walking in the vicinity of Muneshwer’s Ltd on Water Street, Georgetown.
The incident occurred at about 06:45h, and the perpetrator, who was armed with a knife, reportedly robbed the Policeman of a black Coral cellular phone valued at $12,000, a haversack valued at $8,000, and his uniform, valued at $18,000.
Based on Police reports, the cop was proceeding on the eastern side of Water Street, Georgetown when he was approached from behind by a male wielding a knife.
The two began to scuffle before falling to the ground, where the suspect cut away the haversack with the other items and made good his escape.
In a video footage seen by this publication, the suspect – who was clad in a white t-shirt, black shorts and damaged jeans – could be seen running behind the victim while he was walking on the pavement. The suspect then whipped out a knife and cornered the cop under an umbrella that was at the corner of the road.
The men began scuffling as the suspect held on to the officer’s pocket while threatening to stab him with the knife.
After battling with the officer for some time, the suspect then used the knife to cut the cop’s bag off of his back before making good his escape, leaving the cop lying on the ground in shock.
Up to press time on Friday, Police said, efforts were being made to locate the suspect as the investigation continued. (G9)