Corentyne businessman killed after crashing into motor car

…drunk female driver arrested – Police

A Corentyne businessman is now dead after he reportedly lost control of the motorcycle he was riding and slammed into a motor car along Nigg Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice, on Friday. Dead is 41-year-old Rajendra Khadaroo called “Andy” of Albion Front, Corentyne.

The car that was driven by the alleged drunken woman

He operated a restaurant at Albion and a mobile food unit at Rose Hall Town but on the day of the accident, he was reportedly heading home from Masjid.
Based on reports received, the now dead businessman was riding his motorcycle, CG 4684, along the roadway when the motor car, HB 9593, driven by a 35-year-old woman, ended up in his path thus causing a collision.
The car, at the time, was reportedly negotiating a turn. Khadaroo was not wearing a safety helmet and was reportedly speeding.
Even though the Police stated that the woman was negotiating a turn, there are no turns in that section of the Corentyne highway.
Nevertheless, as a result of the impact, Khadaroo was flung off of his motorcycle and ended up on the front windscreen of the said car. He then fell onto the road’s surface where he became unconscious.
He was picked up by public-spirited citizens and taken to the Port Mourant Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Reports are that the driver of the car was seen leaving an entertainment spot and was trying to cross the road when the accident took place.
At the scene, an eyewitness stated that after the accident, the driver of the car exited and enquired from Khadaroo if he was okay. The eyewitness, who arrived on the scene shortly after, related that the woman was heavily intoxicated.
A breathalyser test administered on her confirmed that she was way above the legal alcohol consumption limit.

The motorcycle the now dead man was riding when he met his demise

The dead man’s cousin, Sadika Hamid-Khan, related that they received the news of the tragic accident at about 05:20h.

“We found out where they were at the time and we were told that they were at the hospital so he went to the Port Mourant Hospital and when we got there that is when we found out, that’s when we learned that he was involved in an accident,” she said.
According to Hamid-Khan, there is evidence to suggest that Khadaroo suffered injuries to his head, neck and other parts of his body.
“He was a Muslim and as Ramadan would have recently concluded; there is a custom to fast for six more days and my cousin was observing that. Every day, not only this month, not only Ramadan he would frequent the Masjid for Fajr prayers which is usually around a quarter to five (4:45h.).”
Khadaroo does biking as a hobby and owned several bikes, but according to his cousin, the man was always careful.

Dead: Rajendra Khadaroo
called “Andy”

“I think he was in one of those bikers’ clubs but he is one of the most sober-headed calm riders there is. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t party. Usually, when they have a ride on the road, he is always the one riding at the back and he would laugh and say that he is the father of the group so he has to see all of them.”
He leaves to mourn his wife and one child among other relatives. The female driver remains in custody assisting with the investigation.