Corentyne farmer fights off armed bandits with cutlass

A Corentyne, Berbice poultry farmer used a cutlass to fight off four bandits, two of which were shooting at him. This is the third time for this year that the businessman has been attacked by armed intruders. He was previously attacked on four other occasions over the years.
Doodnauth Takpersaud called “Gabar”, who operates a poultry outlet at Clifton Village, Corentyne, Berbice, told Guyana Times on Friday that he realised that he was under attack on Wednesday morning when he saw a strange person on his surveillance monitor.

Doodnauth Takpersaud, also known as “Gabar”

According to Takpersaud, at about 03:00h he noticed that someone was in his yard. He then asked two female family members to call the police.
“When I look at the monitor screen I notice them on the landing and one of them trying to wrench open the window with a crowbar. I also saw a gun in two of them hand and one with a crowbar and one with a cutlass. So I go by the window with my cutlass while the girls gone in the bedroom and trying to call the police, my daughter and a friend,” the frustrated man said. He said that when the window was opened, he used his cutlass to chop the hand of the intruders as he shouted for help.
“Bullets start firing from outside but I brace on the wall and firing chops…” the man said.
He explained that the bandits were pushing open the window and shooting at the same time but every time it was pushed open he used his cutlass to keep them at bay.
On January 3, bandits cut a hole in the fence to the pen and entered. Money, livestock and beverages were removed.
According to Takpersaud, he heard strange sounds coming from the chicken pen, which is a part of the poultry outlet. When he looked towards the business outlet, the lights were turned off. He said luckily, the police patrol was passing and the intruders escaped.
Back then, Takpersaud had said that he is aware of who the perpetrators are and is now saying that they are the same persons who have been attacking him.
Meanwhile, on January 28, two men, one carrying a firearm and the other a cutlass, broke into the home of poultry dealer. At the time, he was asleep.
As the bandits broke open a window, he and his family members were awoken and they ran through the front door to the verandah and locked the two bandits in the house. The men then exited the window through which they entered while firing shots at the businessman.
“I know I am going to die; I am calling on the Commander, the Commissioner of Police, the Public Security Minister, the Prime Minister and the President; please help me to get protection,” the man pleaded.