Corentyne woman raped, murdered & dumped in backlands

– duo confessed to crime

The semi-nude body of a 52-year-old woman was on Friday discovered in the backlands of Number 55 Village on the Corentyne Coast in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), and police are working on the theory that she had been raped and then murdered.

Dead: Ninawattie Nandalall

The dead woman has been identified as Ninawattie Nandalall, also called ‘Sharda’, a single mother of three, who had been a domestic worker and farmer of Number Nought Village, Corentyne. Her body was found at about 7:40h on Friday.
Following that gruesome discovery, her son Bhojdev Narinedat told Guyana Times, “De condition wha me see me Muma hut!” There were wounds on the neck of Nandalall’s body, which was discovered in a semi-nude condition.
Her son has said that she had left home at midday on Thursday to head into the backdam to pick green mangoes to make achar for some visitors. He said he was at work when he received a telephone call from his sister, who informed him that their mother had not returned home.
“Me collect one ah me cousin and we drive into Number 55 reef, and go down till to the back, and we search the whole reef and we call for her. We come home and then we go back again, and we call her name, but we get no answer. Until about after three, then we stop search,” he detailed.

The area where the woman’s body was found

He said that at 6:00h on Friday, he got two of his cousins and continued the search for his mother. “My two cousins take one dam and I take the other. While walking, I watching under the bush, and then, about 75 feet away from me, I saw a red cloth and a blue shirt, and when I walk close, I realized that it was my mother,” he detailed.
“It was blood all over her face. Her neck get a cut, and from here come down was naked,” he detailed.
The aggrieved son declared that his mother did not have to die in that gruesome manner. “De condition wha me see me Muma hut me a lot!” he added.
Meanwhile two men, including an 18-year-old, have confessed to committing the crime. This was confirmed by Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Shivpersaud Bacchus, who stated that the duo, of the same village, provided investigators with details of what transpired. (Andrew Carmichael)