Count, or no recount?

Dear Editor,
I’m NOT a lawyer, but I suspect I think logically.
I’ve been hearing ONLY talk of a recount of the ballots/votes cast, and my question is: if the votes for a greater part of District (Region) FOUR were NOT counted, using the SOPs, how can THAT (the use of mysterious spreadsheets) be regarded as a count.
The votes for all districts can be recounted in accordance with the CARICOM agreement, but I would proffer that those ballot boxes for which the SOPs were NOT the instruments used NOW have to be COUNTED/tabulated, the source document being the SOPs, as instructed by the Chief Justice, and the result for District FOUR legally and properly declared.
I say this anticipating an argument that the results for District FOUR have already been declared. This, in my opinion, is a situation fraught with danger, which the PNC would try to capitalize on.
Maybe an eminent lawyer or someone more qualified than I am can offer a comment.

HN Nawbatt