Court of Appeal, Puisne judges appointed

More than a year following recommendations for appointments from the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) President David Granger on Wednesday swore in a Justice of Appeal along with four new Judges to serve in the chambers of the High Court.
High Court Judge Rishi Persaud has been elevated to serve in the Court of Appeal while attorneys Simone Morris-Ramlall, Damone Younge, Sandil Kissoon and Gino Persaud have been appointed Puisne Judges.
The Head of State speaking at the simple ceremony at State House reminded that the Judiciary is the guardian of the Constitution.
The appointments, he said, were made in exercise of the powers conferred upon him as President by article 128-1 of the Constitution of Guyana which states that “the Judges, other than the Chancellor and the Chief Justice, shall be appointed by the President, acting in accordance with the advice of the Judicial Service Commission, and article 128-2 which states “the President, acting in accordance with the advice of the Judicial Service Commission, may appoint a person to act in the office of Justice of Appeal or Puisne Judge, as the case may require”.
The new Judges have been appointed with effect July 17.
According to President Granger, independence of the Judiciary is necessary to protect the rights of citizens and ensure that legal controversies are settled in a lawful manner.
“It secures the rule of law and acts as a safeguard against tyranny and pressure. The Judiciary must be sustained if Guyana is to remain a law-based State,” he said, continuing that the Constitution of Guyana makes provision for allowing the independence of the Judiciary from the perils of Executive and Legislative encroachment.
“The Executive arm of Government is committed to promoting, protecting and preserving judicial independence.
In February 2016, the JSC had unanimously recommended that High Court Judges, Justices Rishi Persaud and Dawn Gregory be appointed to the Court of Appeal, and Attorneys Sandil Kissoon and Damone Younge be appointed Puisne Judges.