COVID-19 cases in Guyana rise to 23

The number of COVID-19 cases in Guyana has raised by four, as persons continue to be tested for the disease.
Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Karen Boyle gave the update on Friday, which brings the total number of cases to 23 with the previously reported four deaths. So far, some 83 persons were tested, to which there was one inconclusive case.
Zeroing in on the epidemic, she stated that persons have failed to implement the recommended measures to protect themselves from the virus. More concerningly, suspected patients are refusing to be quarantined at home.
“The persons placed on home quarantine are either refusing the instructions or recommendations given by the surveillance officers or are downright refusing to go on quarantine. I am pleading with all of you citizens to be responsible, to take this situation seriously and to assist us,” the DCMO said.
In some cases, Dr Boyle indicated that the Public Health Ministry is provided with incorrect information.
“You continue to act as though it is business as usual. I wish to emphasise that everyone is at risk for contracting this disease…We are still having challenges with persons who have been in contact with the disease. They are not providing us with accurate information so that we can better manage the situation.”
She indicated that provisions are being examined for health workers to be relocated to another place of residence, as they continue to fight the pandemic.
“The Ministry is looking at provisions for housing for those health workers, dealing with critical persons so as to reduce the risk of infecting their family members,” she informed.

On Sunday the Ministry will launch an app, whereby persons can self-test and the information will be transmitted directly to the surveillance team. As of Thursday, some 1315 persons have called the COVID-19 hotline.
The Ministry has placed 34 persons in institutional quarantine, 12 in institutional isolation and 149 in home quarantine.
“Our environmental health officers across the country have been working assiduously to ensure that wash facilities have been erected at all spaces, private and public. I’m asking you not to venture out unless it is absolutely necessary. If you must go out, ensure your nose and mouth are covered,” the DCMO urged.
While many persons have continued their usual activities, Georgetown Mayor and City Council announced the closure of public facilities and mandated that gatherings should be limited to just five persons amid the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.
In a press release, the Council stated that with the exception of the City Constabulary or stakeholders engaged in essential services, no more than five persons would be allowed at once in public gatherings. Apart from essential services, gymnasiums, movie theatres, libraries, play parks and other recreational facilities are to be closed until indicated otherwise.