Crabwood Creek businessman found dead in home

The body of a businessman was discovered on Wednesday afternoon at his Lot 90 Grant 1806 Crabwood Creek, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) home.
Dead is 55-year-old Rajendra Ramnarine, also called ‘Duck’. His lifeless body was found by his son-in-law in a sitting position on the sofa in the living room at about 16:30h.
Steve Persaud had gone to visit Ramnarine, and upon entering the yard, he was greeted with a stench.
The son-in-law said he observed a foul-smelling liquid running from the upper flat to the lower flat.
A mobile Police patrol was contacted. Upon arrival, the Police were able to break into the house, where the discovery of the bloated body was made. According to the police, the body had what appeared to be several blisters, but they could not determine if there were any injuries.
Nevertheless, the body was escorted to the Skeldon Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Ramnarine was reportedly last seen on Sunday. His son, Devendra, told investigators that he last saw his father at about 08:00h on Sunday, riding past his home on a bicycle.
Ramnarine lived alone in the two-storey building, and is said to be a frequent consumer of alcohol.
The investigation continues as the Police await the results of an autopsy which is expected to be conducted on Friday.