Crawling out …from under a rock?

Well, surely no one REALLY thought Raphael Trotman would’ve disappeared into the sunset after his “negotiation” of the worse oil contract in the world, did they? Even if he’d suddenly become as rich as the President of Equatorial Guinea, he’d proven that his ambition for political office knows no bounds. Imagine having having the chutzpah to vie for the PNC leadership within a couple of years after Hoyte brought him into the PNC as a new, pretty face to stave off Hamilton Green!! Having absolutely no political base when Hoyte interned him in the a city Council, the fella’s head became swollen after comparing himself with the Neanderthal Councillors in City Hall!!
Failing to make headway in the PNC against Corbin, who succeeded Hoyte, he quit the party but squatted on his seat in Parliament to retain the visibility. He felt he was superior socially and politically to the rough and tumble Corbin. He became the willing tool of foreign elements who wanted to remove the PPP government – just like his hero Burnham back in the day. That’s right…Trotman sees Burnham as the best thing since sliced bread and some reporter should pin him down! He and the other quisling Ramjattan formed the AFC where they tussled over “leadership”. The parallels with Burnham and Jagan were so blatant!!
While Ramjattan thought HE brought the AFC into the PNC/APNU Coalition in 2015 we learnt through Trotman’s blabbering on the hustings that he and Granger had cut a deal years before in Nassau Bahamas! This was signaled when Granger picked Trotman for Speaker in 2011, over Nagamootoo, who the AFC has nominated!! When the APNU/AFC took office, Trotman’s “Nassau Accord” trumped Ramjattan’s “Cummingsburg Accord”!! Trotman the viper got the key Natural Resources Ministry while Nagamootoo and Ramjattan got outriders and “Larwah”!!
Trotman, of course, then segued into pi55ing away our country’s patrimony after his trip to Houston. One international watchdog, Global Witness examined the contract and the circumstances surrounding it and recommended an investigation of Trotman’s role. After he dropped out of sight following the 2020 elections, some thought he was ailing. But now that he’s surfaced, there’s no question that there must be a COI looking into that giveaway.
Trotman obviously thinks that with the total disarray in the PNC camp, he can leverage his way back into the leadership sweepstakes. Trotman isn’t writing those letters to the press for the public’s enlightenment!! With Granger’s place holder Harmon out of the way (March 15?) the letters are the equivalent of him raising his hand to show he’s available!!
Notice his clever positioning in his letter of being politically more reasonable than Norton.
And socially more kosher!!

…or testing the wind?
Your Eyewitness read an article – based on “a source” in another section of the press – that there are calls within the PNC for the immediate past chair of the party – Volda Lawrence – to be sent to Parliament. She’ll be a triple threat, it was claimed by the “anonymous” (but transparent!) source: female, experienced and with Finance background. But the “source” is ignoring the reason why Volda – with all those credentials – was overlooked back in 2020.
To wit, that the fella legally in charge of the extraction of persons from the PNC list of candidates from 2020 is the “Representative of the List”. Which just happens to be the same Granger who obviously didn’t think her qualifications were enough. Or maybe she had some disability – like ambition? A political base? – he wasn’t comfortable with!? Has anything happened to change his mind? Or prejudices?
Well, with Harmon out of play, maybe Granger can throw Volda like a grenade into Norton’s Congress Place?
She certainly isn’t on Norton’s hit parade!!

…from “just war” justification
Now entering its third week, Putin’s “just war” rationale for his invasion of Ukraine has been blown to smithereens by his own missiles.
They’ve now hit civilian targets all the way west near the Polish border.