Creating chaos…

…with H2H data
Just when we thought it might be safe to relax a bit and enjoy our glorious cricket, like Freddy Kreuger in the “Friday the 13th movies”, the 370,000 names from the Patterson-ordered H2H exercise just keep coming back! To haunt us! The H2H, of course, was one in a series of stratagems the PNC had deployed to violate the clear command of the constitution that elections must be held 3 months after the passage of an NCM.
The “rationale” offered by Granger that it was needed because the PVL – extracted from the present NRR – would be “bloated by 200,000 names”. This claim was shown to be specious when the H2H exercise – supposed to become the basis for a new NRR – was discontinued after 370,000 names were recorded in the absence of PPP scrutineers. The same PNC-derided “bloated” PVL was accepted as the basis for C&O for the March 2 2020 elections.
GECOM however, decided the truncated H2H names would be “cross matched” and then “merged” into the OLE. This precipitated a storm of protests since, for one, as an incomplete list, we’d still be depending on the C&O to capture H2H “missed” names. All we’d get were the new persons – who would’ve come forward in any case to get on the list?? But inexplicably, even though the “merger” proposal was dropped, the costly exercise to “cross match” the H2H names was retained.
The question your Eyewitness had then – and which has now surfaced again like Freddy Kreuger – was what exactly would be done with those H2H names…and even more germanely, why was the PNC insisting on it. Initially, PNC Commissioner Alexander said it’d be used as a “comparator” and this was what was very worrisome, since a “comparator is something used as a basis for comparison”. Meaning, of course, that the H2H data would now become the standard for the measuring the accuracy of the OLE after the C&O is completed.
We’re now being told by another PNC Commissioner, Corbin, that the H2H data, would be put up for “scrutiny” by the public. Why? To add names? That’s redundant, per above. To remove names? Well, the Chief Justice had ruled that names can’t be taken off from the PLV. And this is where the plot thickens and suggests what the PNC might be up to.
Let’s not forget that Basil Williams’ appeal against the CJ”s ruling is coming up and since the Appellate Court has exposed its proclivities in the “half-man majority” abomination, it’s quite likely after their reversal, there will be demands from the PNC for the H2H data be the “comparator”.
And we’re back to the chaos of multiple lists. To pressure the system and facilitate PNC rigging!

…in human morality
Reviewing the actions of the PNC over the past four years, your Eyewitness is stuck by their moral opportunism. Even as their leader David Granger is given to striking poses of piety while uttering banal homilies. They follow no overarching moral. But evidently, they have several moral toolboxes – one for every occasion – which they pull out depending on the circumstances. And this has nothing to do with moral relativism – but everything to do with moral prostitution and “favouring their own”..
Take their stance of the “working class”. The PNC had castigated the PPP on the bauxite downsizing for decades and even backed a confrontational protest when the latter attempted to rationalise the subsidised electricity costs to the town. Which they had initially agreed to. Yet they callously shutter 4 estates, fired 7000 sugar workers, and didn’t even return their once subsidised water, much less introduce subsidise subsidised electricity!
The same opportunistic morality was deployed in “preparing for the new economy”. Just look at the composition of the hundreds of “training class” graduated since 2015.

…in critical thinking
Observing the arguments being waged in the political arena, seems that the standard is: “Automatically assume your opponent is wrong, and proceed blithely from there”!