Cutlass-wielding man storms primary school to attack parent

A cutlass-wielding man on Monday morning stormed his way into the Bohemia Primary School in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) with the intention of attacking a parent at the institution.
The incident occurred at around 08:20h, just after a woman had taken her child to school.
When the man, who was said to be intoxicated, ran into the school’s compound, the female parent was forced to hide in the building. Other parents and teachers also ran to safety.

The electric bike that was damaged

No one was harmed during the ordeal but the suspect managed to damage an electric bike by chopping it with the cutlass.
Reports are that the man also attempted to injure a Government part-time worker who was stationed at the gate to ensure persons sanitise.
The school is reportedly without security. The suspect escaped before Police arrived, since the Police arrived some 30 minutes after the matter was reported. (G4)