CXC completes 96% of CSEC, CAPE reviews

…top performers cannot be determined from incomplete process – Education Ministry

The Education Ministry has responded to the frustrations of parents and students about the delayed CSEC and CAPE results, which are currently under review by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC). To date, some 96 per cent of the grades have been reviewed across the region. Following numerous concerns raised on the issue, the Ministry on Saturday said that it does not review these results, but such responsibility lies solely with the Examinations Council. As such, an official release cannot be done until the review is completed.
“We understand the frustration of parents and students about the delayed results and the anxiety this level of uncertainty regarding the finality of the results brings… CXC is still in the process of reviews, saying to date they have completed approximately 96 per cent of reviews Caribbean-wide…The Ministry of Education, through the Examinations Department and indeed through the person of the Minister herself, has been continuously demanding a timely and expeditious end to this process, as have all the other Caribbean territories,” a statement on the issue from the Ministry said.
This review initiated after students across several countries across the region, made a formal request for their grades to be rechecked, owing to inconsistencies. The Council had committed to complete the process by January 2021, but failed to do citing the present lockdown at the Barbados headquarters.

Untimely completion
Guyana’s examination division has raised the concern of untimely completion of this process and CXC has since indicated that the last update to the results was made on January 29. Candidates can access the Student Portal to view their results but the top performers cannot be named as yet.
“Again, it must be noted that as a result of this incomplete process, top performers from Guyana and the Caribbean cannot be determined and released officially. For us to do same, we may end up being reckless if when the review is completed, other students are shown to have done better.”
Students received their preliminary results through the CXC Students’ Portal since September 2020. The Ministry, from the inception of queries and challenges to grades, has been updating and advising all stakeholders of CXC’s decisions and outcomes of this process.
Immediately after the preliminary release of CAPE and CSEC results for June 2020, request for queries and reviews were made and demanded by candidates and other stakeholders across the Caribbean. Guyana was no exception and may have been one of the first countries that engaged the regional examinations body officially, taking a public stance on Government’s position.
The review process has since continued and a decision was taken to reexamine “borderline” cases. This category includes candidates with scores that fell within a small range to attain a better grade. These were done even for candidates who did not request a review.
“The Examinations Department, Ministry of Education, is committed to bring closure to this process and to ensure all stakeholders are informed as updates are received from CXC. One must appreciate, however, that it is the CXC body that has to both finish the process and award grades. Not the Ministry of Education of any part thereof…We know for each student who wrote these exams this is probably the most important thing happening in their lives and they want closure and to move on even to higher education. We are working closely with CXC and being very firm in our recommendations and advice and our vote whenever we are asked to exercise one, with a view to ensuring our students never have to face this level of uncertainty again,” the Ministry said.