CXC launches 1st interactive mobile app

The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) has launched its first ever interactive mobile connect application (mobile app) in an effort to foster wider opportunities for the Caribbean youth.

The job landscape for the millennial is said to be looking up with the new app, “CXC Connect”, reputed to be an efficient and effective tool for students who wil find themselves in the world of work.

With this newly launched Connect app, not only will students be able to access examination results as soon as they are released, but via their smart phones and other mobile devices, they would be able to carry them in their pockets wherever they go.

Students, parents, and even educators have previously complained about the late arrival of examinations’ results, although efforts have been made to release grades early; this new app will reduce that waiting time to an all-time significant low.

Launched in Barbados on Thursday, the app would be available to students as early as August 12. Students, who sat the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) during the May/June 2017 exams will be able to utilise the app to access their results on August 12. Those students who wrote the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC) exam would be able to access their results via the app on August 15, 2017.

Assistant Registrar, Webmaster Ayodele Pompey, gave a demonstration of the app at the launching event. He said that apart from examination results, students can also get information, advice and guidance via CXC Connect.

In terms of the app benefiting persons who sat CXC exams prior to 2017, Pompey said there is currently no archive for past students, but that should be ruled as an addition to the second or third generation versions of the CXC connect app.

“One of the things the app does is to enhance the communication perspective between CXC and its various stakeholders, students included. Part of that whole process is to be able to deliver information as it happens”, Pompey said.

Regard results and the timing of results, the assistant registrar said CXC has always been seeking to shorten the time cycle from the examination to the results. He assured that is something that will be on-going.

“But with respect to the app, whatever result immediacies we can be able to improve on, certainly the app will provide that information at that time. For example, if we determine in the future — and I believe that this is something that we will be able to do — if we determine that we can be able to enhance our delivery times, the app will be the most ideal thing to use.”

In terms of what the future holds, he reiterated: “There will definitely be a shortening of time.”

Parents and guardians can also receive tips to help their children, and be guided on charges using the mobile app. CXC is in 19 territories, and Cleveland Sam — Assistant Registrar, Public Information and Customer Services — described the new app as “a marriage of technology and education” and “a start of something exciting”.