Cycling in Guyana to restart with time trials

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Health have granted the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) permission to run off a series of time trial events, which are tentatively slated for November 22 in Georgetown, November 29 in Berbice, and December 6 in Linden.
Each time trial will have placings awarded for 1-3; and based on the overall accumulated times, placings will be awarded for 1-6. Confirmation of dates, times and routes as well as prize structure will be posted soon.
GCF are cognizant of the COVID-19 guidelines, and are sure there will be adherence to the rules, so that the event would be successfully completed. The cyclists will line up six feet apart, and await their turn to start. Each cyclist would start when the time-keeper so signals. The cyclist will then proceed along the route to the finish line.
At the finish line, another time-keeper will record the cyclist’s finishing time. The proposed guidelines include a pre-registration to ascertain the number of cyclists, chaperones and officials who will be at the event on the day.
Based on the pre-registration, GCF can allocate start times to the participants and stagger arrivals if necessary. All persons will be checked before the event using a temperature gun. Officials would be required to wear masks during the entire event, and cyclists will be required to wear masks before the start and after they have finished their turn (their chaperones will be required to wear masks at all times during the event).
Each cyclist will be starting at two-minute increments at the starting line; this will avoid any grouping. After the cyclist has concluded his run, he will leave the area immediately with his chaperone. Results will be published via social media shortly after closing of the event. Persons failing to adhere to these guidelines are subjecting themselves to disqualification.
Persons are kindly asked to direct any query or clarification kindly to race secretary Malcolm Sonaram on 600-2656. The GCF extends gratitude to Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport and the Minister of Health for their commitment to cycling in Guyana.