Cyclist killed by allegedly speeding car driven by cop

A 51-year-old pedal cyclist of Good Hope, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD), is now dead after he was struck down by a motor car driven by a police rank on Friday evening.

Dead: Patrick Ramgobin

The dead man has been identified as Patrick Haley Ramgobin.
When Guyana Times visited his home on Saturday, his mother, Khemrajie Charles, related that her son left home without telling anyone where he was going at about 17:00h. About an hour later, she said she heard that her son was involved in an accident.
“He helped me whole day yesterday, we were cleaning up at the back. When it meet like 5 o’clock, I took my blue chair, and I went and I sit outside. I saw my son pass out with his bike, and I didn’t ask him where he was going because I know he would go to the shop and come back. It was like an hour since he pass out, and a guy that know me came with a taxi and he told me that let we go to Mahaicony, because something hit my son”, she explained.
The woman said when she arrived at the hospital, she saw her son’s lifeless body covered in blood. She strongly believes that the driver of the car that hit her son was speeding, since her son could not have been riding at a fast rate.
The dead man’s mother said years ago he was involved in an accident, which caused him to have an issue with his leg.
“He used to walk, and ride very slow because years ago he was involved in an accident, and he left walking funny… very slow”.
“When I reach to the hospital, I see a set of blood; but before I reach the hospital, I started feeling a pain in my back, so I turned to the driver and I told him that something wrong with my son, it is like he dead, but the driver didn’t pay me no mind”, she explained.
Charles said her son had no children, and had never worked. She said for years the man had been staying with her, and was helping to take care of her house.
“He is my only son. He lives here but I don’t live here. He does take care of here for me. I am so sad today. This morning when I wake up my house is biting me because I am so accustomed to him. Since he was young, he was living with me. I does go to America and I does lef he here. He is my only son, is share girls meh get”, she said.
The woman said she will miss her son dearly since they shared a very close relationship. She said since her son’s death, she is unable to eat and sleep. The grieving mother explained that her son’s death will truly affect her, because she was trying everything in her power to make him comfortable.
Prior to the man’s death, his family was awaiting the opening of the airports, so that he could join his mother and eight sisters in America, since he was the only one of nine children that was left in Guyana.
“I don’t know what more to say or do, I feel like meh belly is on fire since yesterday. I can’t eat or sleep”, the tearful woman said.
Ramgobin’s family said he was a very respectful and loving man, and they are calling for justice. Meanwhile, the driver of the motor car, who is a serving member of the Guyana Police Force, is under close arrest. Investigations are ongoing. (LaWanda McAllister)