De-facto Berbice Cricket Board

Dear Editor,

I wish to bring to the attention of the cricketing public of Berbice and the country at large the illegal and fraudulent action of the “de-facto Berbice Cricket Board”. These people prevented the legally elected executives of the Berbice Cricket Board from functioning in 2015. However, this constrained board actually survived harsh times, but functioned admirably by competing at levels of cricket in the region without the legal subvention from the Guyana Cricket Board. It is now public knowledge that the persons who would have acquired the Restraining Order against the then Berbice Cricket Board have teamed up /or joined hands with the gullible, power hungry members of the former Anil Beharry Administration to seize control of Berbice Cricket with the help and advice of the power crazy individual who claims to have National Cricket Development at heart, but instead wants to satisfy his personal ego of controlling Guyana’s Cricket, and by extension the lives of so many young Guyanese people.

These people who are portraying themselves to be good, honest and disciplined individuals; who profess to want to develop Berbice Cricket, are but pawns/ pimps in a wider net of an individual who is using them for personal aggrandisement and gains. They are not developing Berbice Cricket, but destroying it. Typical examples are: the composition of the teams selected to represent Berbice; the overhaul of the First Division Level to include clubs supportive of this “de-facto “Cricket Administration; former national youth cricketers being told that they will never have a chance to wear national colours again unless they play for a particular club, and the list can go on and on.

It is therefore no wonder that this honest, disciplined and good administration would seek to have one of their own “bad fellows” be appointed to manage country teams; who it is alleged to have in camp a non-selectee on tour for dubious reasons. So, Mr. President, is this how we develop the Berbice Cricket?

Further, Editor, it was bought to the attention of the Berbice Stakeholder Committee that Mr. David Black, who portrays himself to be the chairman of the Competitions Committee, has circulated a registration form for teams wishing to play Second Division with a stipulation that $1000 must accompany the returned registration form. This is unheard of, and is a practice that the Berbice Cricket Board ruled against years ago in the interest of cricket development.

We, members of the Berbice Stakeholders Committee, would therefore like to inform all cricketing supporters, cricket lovers, the Business Committee, and most importantly Cricket Clubs and players, of the anti-cricket policies of these persons who will destroy the powerhouse of Cricket in Guyana.


Berbice Cricket Stakeholders Committee