De Kendren residents complain of collapsing lamp post

– fear for children’s safety

Residents of De Kendren, West Coast Demerara (WCD) are calling for assistance from the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) in fixing a lamp post on the verge of collapse in the community.Lantern post
According to residents, the post has been a cause for concern for a number of months now.
Many calls have been made to GPL to look into the issue but all calls fell on deaf ear, as nothing has been done up to this period.
When Guyana Times visited the area, the post could be seen hanging across the road even as residents used ropes to pull it back into place.
This publication spoke with a few residents who vented their frustrations.
According to Camille Potterville, a resident who lives in close vicinity of the lamp post, she fears for the safety of her children.
“Now everyday my kids pass that post to and from school, I am afraid for them because I don’t know when that post could fall, it will fall anytime now and somebody can get hurt,” she explained.
Another resident, Mark Medas explained that he has made several calls to GPL. “I called them myself so that they can come and fix the post but nobody came. I think when this post fall and something tragic happens then they will come”.
This newspaper was told that on a daily basis, workers of GPL are in the area for other matters but fail to repair the lamp post.
The residents are calling for urgent attention to be given to the issue.