Dead bandit identified, Policeman and others arrested

Tuschen Chinese restaurant robbery

By Shemar Alleyne

One of the five bandits in Friday night’s robbery on 5 Star Chinese Restaurant at Lot 695 Tuschen New Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) has been identified as Constable Jonathan Harry, who is attached to the Special Branch at Eve Leary, Georgetown.

Dead bandit: Mark Prince

His accomplices were Mark Prince, of no fixed place of abode — who was shot and killed— and Shaquille Wilbury, of Buxton, East Coast Demerara— who was shot and injured. He is currently receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

The gun found in getaway car

In addition, Jonathan Henry, 24, of East Ruimveldt, and Akande Ross, 20, of Herstelling, East Bank Demerara were also arrested and are assisting with the investigations.
Initial reports by the Police stated that Guang Hong Wang, 43, proprietor of the 5 Star Chinese Restaurant, and her husband operate the food establishment located in the lower flat the premises, while Navindra Lakahalall, 37, of Zeelugt New Housing, Scheme, EBE was a customer.

The money and other items found on captured bandits

On the night in question, Lakahalall was in the restaurant when one of the male suspects and a female entered and purchased two beverages.
Soon after they consumed the beverages, they ordered a case of beers and in the process of Wang delivering same, the male suspect whipped out a handgun and relieved her of two cell phones and an undisclosed sum of cash.
He then turned his attention to Lakahalall and relieved him of one silver chain and an undisclosed sum of cash. In the height of the robbery, the three other suspects entered.
However, a licensed holder of a handgun who lives nearby heard the commotion and immediately went to investigate and was attacked by the armed suspect and another with a cutlass.
As such, he was forced to discharge several rounds in their direction after which the suspects fled the premises in motor car PTT 8606 that was parked nearby, leaving their accomplice Prince, who was wounded at the scene.
The Police were contacted and the vehicle was intercepted at a roadblock on the public road in front of the Den Amstel Police Station.
At the time, the car had three occupants— one was in the backseat with what appeared to be a gunshot wound. He was questioned, arrested and taken to the GPHC, where he was admitted in stable condition.
An unlicensed pistol with an empty magazine was found in the vehicle along with an undisclosed sum of cash and cellular phones.
However, Prince, who was at the scene in a motionless state, was shot to the neck and died on the spot. A cutlass was in his right hand and a haversack was on his back.
He was escorted to the Leonora Cottage Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. A search on his person revealed $130,000.
At the scene on Saturday, the homeowner recalled the horrific incident to Guyana Times.
“I was in Georgetown last night and I came back shortly after eight… As I entered my side of the house, I called out to my wife and son and they were apparently asleep, so I proceeded to take out my food and I sat down at the table. I heard a male voice in the apartment next door and I found it strange since the Chinese usually communicate in their language and at that hour. The Chinese woman was telling the person something about money and it was then I realised that something was amiss”.
According to him, he went to investigate and it was then he was attacked by one of the men with a cutlass.
“I picked up my firearm and when I went around and I peep in and I called for her one male leaned out of the room with a gun and I fired a shot at him and took cover. The other start shouting kill that man! Kill that man!! And one of them approached me by the door but I was alert… He fired a chop and I shot him maybe once or twice…he fell to the ground,” the licensed firearm holder explained.
The man immediately contacted the Police but while doing so, he went in pursuit of the getaway car. “The Police set up a roadblock at Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara (WCD) and it was that which lead to the arrest of the men in the motorcar bearing registration number PTT 8606”.
Monica, a young waitress at the restaurant, told Guyana Times that the male and female came into the establishment and purchased two bottles of beer.“I was at the back cleaning up because it was time for me to go home, so I hear someone called for two beer so I come out and I sell the two beer and they deh sit down and then I go back and then they called for a case beer so I come and packed the beer and went back inside. I gave the Chinese girl the case with the beer and it was then the men carried out the attack.”
Meanwhile, Police are on the hunt for the female accomplice who escaped from the scene.