Deadly home invasion: Bullet remains in survivor’s chin as injured man shows signs of recovery

Wanted: John Ross and Troy Bruce

Denzil Roberts, the courageous 20-year-old who fearlessly fought off armed invaders during a brutal home invasion in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) on May 13 has shown encouraging progress in his recovery.
Medical updates reveal that he was successfully taken off the ventilator on Monday and is currently listed in stable condition. However, doctors are patiently awaiting the subsiding of swelling before proceeding with the removal of the bullet lodged in his chin, a painful reminder of the harrowing incident.
In a significant development, investigators have made substantial headway in their investigation. Just days after the incident, Police apprehended two suspects in connection with the harrowing home invasion.

Injured: Denzil Roberts

Further, within a short span of time, law enforcement discovered the lifeless body of an unidentified man, believed to be the third suspect involved in the tragic incident that resulted in the untimely deaths of Johnson Bowen, 87, and Manuel Dos Santos, 58, both of Wismar, Linden.
The lifeless body of the unidentified suspect was found bearing the gruesome marks of five chop wounds. This chilling discovery unfolded at a residence in Block 22, Wismar, Linden, sending shockwaves through the community.
Meticulous examination by crime scene investigators revealed the severity of the injuries, including chop wounds on the right shoulder, forehead, upper right back, centre of the back, and lower right back.
Commander of Regional Division 10, Assistant Commissioner Kurleigh Simon confirmed on Monday that Police are still in the process of confirming the identity of the deceased bandit, an essential step in the ongoing investigation.

Murdered: Johnson Bowen

According to reports, the family fell victim to armed bandits wearing black masks during the terrifying ordeal. Dos Santos’s wife vividly recounted being jolted awake by a disturbing sound emanating from the living room. Rushing to investigate, she was confronted with the distressing sight of her elderly father being forcefully handled by the intruders, while one of her sons lay defenceless on the floor.
In a display of incredible bravery, Roberts, Dos Santos’s nephew and a resident in the neighbourhood, swiftly responded to the commotion, rushing to the aid of his family members. Against all odds, he managed to overpower one of the attackers, while Manuel Dos Santos and Valdeir Dos Santos, Manuel’s son, armed themselves with cutlasses, fearlessly confronting the remaining assailants.
A fierce struggle ensued, resulting in serious chop wounds inflicted upon the suspects. The situation rapidly descended into a chaotic bloodbath as the invaders opened fire indiscriminately, causing panic and chaos to engulf the scene.
Tragically, the lifeless bodies of Dos Santos and Bowen were later discovered, their lives brutally cut short by a hail of bullets. Amidst the violence, Roberts sustained injuries and was swiftly transported to Georgetown Public Hospital in critical condition, where he continues to receive medical attention.

As the investigation presses forward, Police have issued a wanted bulletin for two suspects believed to be connected to the brutal murder. The wanted men have been identified as John Ross, also known as “JR,” with his last known address as Five Corner Wismar, Linden, and Troy Bruce, also known as “Blacka,” residing at Lot 26 Wismar Hill, Linden.
Meanwhile, the Police are urging members of the general public who may possess any information regarding the whereabouts of the wanted men to come forward and assist in the investigation. Individuals can contact the authorities at telephone numbers 225-6940, 225-8196, 226-7476, 225-2317, 227-1149, or visit the nearest Police station. (G9)