Deadly Mahdia fire: Teachers will travel to communities to teach affected students

President Dr Irfaan Ali hosted a dinner on Sunday evening at State House for the families of those who perished and students who were in the dorm of the Mahdia Secondary School during the horrific fire that ended the lives of 19 children.
During the engagement, the President spoke individually to the families in attendance as he listened to their concerns and asked them about ways that the Government could enhance their lives.
Among the areas were housing, small business ownership and educational support in the communities.
Many of the students who escaped the fire also spoke about wanting to return to school. Some are hoping to do so within their own communities and close to their families.
The President said that in the interim, teachers will travel to the communities where the students live to teach them until efforts are made to construct special facilities in those communities.
The President also announced that counselling specialists from overseas will be brought to Guyana to work with the local counsellors.
Meanwhile, he said that students in need of specialised surgeries will be sent to Cuba.
“What we are going to do is to give you support,” the President told the gathering.