“Dedication to Daddy 3” for June 16 at NCC

H&T Theatre Arts Group, a production company around since 2012, is currently in the midst of preparations for a successful presentation of “Dedication to Daddy 3”, under the theme, Suspicious Minds.
The evening of song, dance and drama is slated for Sunday, June 16, 2019, at 20:00h at the National Cultural Centre (NCC), and promises treats for all dads who will be attending.
Four men will be honoured as exemplary fathers on that evening based on the recommendation of their family and persons of their communities.
This will inject an element of surprise as only family members of these fathers have been informed and the dads themselves are in the dark.
There will be vocal renditions from Dalisha Wright, Colin Ambrose, Cleveland Hutson, Barbara Lee, Simone Dowding, Ezzie Crandon, Ronald Green, Allan C Bakker and Donald Wallerson.
Henry Rodney will be performing one of his own calypso compositions. Dancing her way into the hearts of patrons will be Sandia Ramnarine while there will be ballroom performances by the Millennium Star Dance Group.
Dramatists Kevin Smith, Melika Edmonds, Keisha Sam, Nelan Benjamin, Shivina Demendonca, La Vonne George, Ryan Headley, Leslyn Johnson, Kester Whyte, and Nalini Nareswarie are currently going through their paces in preparation for this spectacular evening.
Director/Producer of the event, Sheron Cadogan-Taylor says she is pleased to be hosting the third edition of this musical drama, as she aims to celebrate exemplary fathers while encouraging others to “Stand Up”.
Tickets cost $2000 and $1500 respectively, and are available at the NCC or from any member of the cast. The production is family oriented. A complimentary glass of wine awaits all fathers. There will also be door prizes and giveaways.