…the status quo
As we go into the second day of the illegal PNC-led regime, we’ll begin to see all sorts of excretions of the budding dictatorship-in-creation. The lies and fabrications on the constitutional crisis we can expect – and we suspect most have become inured to them by now, and their regurgitation is simply to reassure the PNC faithful. What’s more insidious will be those who’ll pretend to occupy some kind of moral “high ground” and shed crocodile tears for “our country”, even as they defend the illegal status quo.
Now, dear reader, you have to always be careful of anyone who defends the status quo, ‘cause once you scratch the surface, you can be certain they’re benefitting from it. There’s even a syndrome called “status quo stonewalling” – of which the moral high ground claim above is one characteristic – that describes their modus operandi. What you should know is: whenever folks start to stonewall, you know they’ve run out of substantive arguments against the change they’re opposing.
This line is exemplified by the oleaginous letter in the press from a hardline PNC journalist, starting out with two maudlin stories of Guyanese reaching across the ethnic divide to help each other, and ending up with the “plea”: “Don’t allow anyone to tear that fabric apart.” You could almost see a tear roll down his cheek – probably after squeezing an onion!
So exactly who is “tearing this country apart”? In his media outlet, why has he supported the Government’s nonsense on stilts about “33 not greater than 32”, and not obey the Constitution? Wasn’t that “tearing the country apart”?
But more to the point, why has he waited until the Opposition gave in and gave in until the constitutionally due date for elections has passed and they have to defend the constitution to make his “call”?? Plain and simple, he and others of his ilk will just be playing on the emotions of Guyanese, to get them to ignore the Government’s trampling of the Constitution so they’ll do nothing about it, lest “the national fabric” be torn.
But heck…the PNC already violently ripped that fabric when they somersaulted from their initial acceptance of the constitutionally- sanctioned NCM and came up with their cock and bull nonsense which they took to the courts.
Fact of the matter is that Guyana is again at the crosswords, where the PNC has brought it once again – undermining the Constitution, which is supposed to protect the people from the Leviathan – and folks like this journalist are giving them a free pass.
Now is the time for all Guyanese who really care for the integrity of the “fabric” of our society to stand up and be counted!!

…own “blackpot”
Imagine James Patterson – David Granger’s hand-picked 85-year-old GECOM Chairman – made the casting vote to reject the highest scoring Dep CEO candidate. His excuse was: “…he came over to me as shifty and unreliable…and I wasn’t going to recommend him in the place of someone who I think was…fit and proper.”
Asked if he’d even interviewed Persaud – who had 15 years of experience with GECOM; a Masters Degree plus a diploma in electoral matters – against the rival Myers, who had no such experience or electoral qualifications, Patterson admitted he hadn’t even ever seen the gentleman!! He claimed to have “a paper trail” for his assessment, and promised to produce this – which he never did! In the meantime, the successful candidate – who just happens to be an avowed PNC supporter – remains on the job!!
But your Eyewitness believes Patterson’s assertion of “shiftiness” was a PROJECTION of his own character flaw.
Remember he claimed it was a “slip of the pen” to write he was a Chief Justice of Grenada, on his CV!!

…the FORCE
The Chief of Police denied media reports that his organisation was now the “Police SERVICE”, and not the “Police FORCE”.
What else could he say when he was preparing to “deal condignly” with Opposition protests against the illegal Government??