Demanding Govt to call elections as mandated by Constitution

Dear Editor,
I noticed an opinion piece penned by my former high school teacher, GHK Lall, in a section of the media on the current House-to-House activity. I previously wrote to you when the exercise was commencing, stating that this exercise will eviscerate my right to vote in the upcoming General and Regional Elections.
Mr Lall is claiming that this exercise will take six weeks, I would urge him, as he has urged me many times, to examine all the facts. Recently, I saw a release of the GECOM work plan which showed that the exercise would take us into early next year. After collecting the data, the fingerprints must be sent to Jamaica for processing into the database, which I understand takes two weeks. Any errors must then be sent back and the person then located to have errors corrected and then sent to Jamaica for a further two weeks.
“A list that is current, accurate, credible and reliable and representative of all eligible Guyanese voters before all Guyanese is the only way to go”. I have researched this, doing House-to-House will not achieve this. My advice to Mr Lall is to urge those whom he is connected to to have a period of continuous registration – this is how I have registered. That way, all those who are fourteen and above will be added to the National Register of Registrants Database. Also, simultaneously have a period of Claims and Objections, so anyone with a dead grandmother on the list can take in her death certificate and remove her. This way, people like me, who currently live abroad, but have intentions of returning home during the term of the next elected government, can have a say.
He is calling for political sensibility to prevail, I believe the Opposition has been nothing but generous on time, carrying on with a myriad of court rulings. The CCJ has been clear to respect the Constitution. I believe the Government is letting their hand of immaturity show, with their desperate cling to power. I call on my fellow young people to observe what is happening. In 2015, we were promised this government of change and I have observed many of my classmates graduate UG and are still seeking employment.
Concluding, he asked what the hurry is, well, the way I see it, a motion of no-confidence was passed since December 21 last year. We are a few months shy of a year since the Constitution dictates ninety days. How many ninety days have since passed? Surely he can see it’s the Government that is “defecating upon the Constitution”.
I urge my fellow Guyanese, especially the youth, to see the farce at play, we don’t need a softer approach. We need to hold a hard-line and demand the Government to call elections as mandated by our Constitution— which was subsequently supported by the highest Court of the land.

Nutana Singh