Deniers… and enablers

It had to happen sooner or later. With about half of the Guyanese population living in the States, we’ve finally become a blip in their elections. But while it may be a “blip” for them and their 330 million population, it could be a tsunami for some of us!! Your Eyewitness had commented on a meeting convened in Brooklyn of some hundreds of Guyanese supporters of the PNC – where a number of NY officials running for local office were inveigled to attend to press the flesh. There were no babies to kiss, since the youngest attendees had to’ve been at least in their sixties!!
Many Guyanese over here in mudland must’ve been surprised to learn that the Attorney General of NY State was running for elections. In our British-bestowed political system, our AGs are always appointed! Well, the Yanks did tinker a bit with their democratic institutions in their efforts to “make a more perfect union” – after they threw out ole, mad King George back in 1776!! Anyhow, we know that the NY AG – one Letitia James, who lives in a section of Brooklyn along with a whole heap of Guyanese voters – cussed out the Guyanese justice system!! She threatened to go after our law enforcement officials who’d charged a Brooklyn PNC fella organising the meet – let’s call him “BG” for the Brooklyn Grifter he is! – for several crimes allegedly committed in Guyana!! She’d “show them”, she shouted, if “anything were to happen to him!!”
Well, “knock got knock back”!! Locked in a race she’d thought was gonna be a walkover, Letitia was suddenly running scared. Even against a completely unknown Republican candidate, William Henry, the race was suddenly tightening because of the rising NY crime rate she’d done nothing about!! Hence, of course, her pandering to BG, who’d brought out some warm Guyanese bodies who – he’d assured her – would place their Xs opposite her name in the elections next Tuesday!! Her opponent saw his opportunity, and moved swiftly to point out her desperation.
Henry slammed her with a possible fatal (political) body blow: “It is disgusting that Letitia James would embrace a wanted criminal who calls for racial violence against ethnic minorities here in NY. Violence against political opponents has no place here. Period.”!! Now…now…now!! Henry must know something we Guyanese don’t!! We’d heard the PNC shill BG had made threats to PPP members in Guyana – “Run them off the road!!” he’d screamed. And, of course, there was that alleged shakedown he was involved in against a local car dealer.
But Henry would’ve known BG hadn’t been convicted – yet!! So, surely, as a lawyer running for AG in NY, he wouldn’t dub BG a “wanted criminal”.
Unless he knew something the fella had done in NY!!

…of (political) reality
Letitia and BG thought they were big and bad to threaten our democratically elected Government here in Guyana, because they’re Democratic Party members, and a Democrat, Biden’s, in the White House!! They really believe they can convince him that the PPP wasn’t REALLY elected legitimately – even though every international organization and then some! – had seen the PNC nasty power grab for what it was – political thuggery!!
Well, hope they listened to Biden while he was campaigning on behalf of other Democratic party candidates. “American democracy is under attack because Trump will not accept the results of the 2020 election… He refuses to accept the will of the people, he refuses to accept that he lost,” Biden said. More significantly, he said that such denials of the results of elections are a threat to democracy. “Make no mistake, democracy is on the ballot for all of us,” he said.
The PNC and their facilitators like BG should take note.

…of improving economics
Your Eyewitness remained disappointed at the naked opportunism of the LoO to use 2019 figures – when his Government was in office – to claim a 58% poverty rate here.
Is he so desperate he didn’t even read past the headlines??