Deteriorating condition of the Parika-to-Hubu Road; an appeal to President Ali to intervene

Dear Editor,
Please allow me space in your letters’ column to highlight the plight of residents using the main road from Parika Junction leading all the way to St Lawrence, East Bank Essequibo. The road is in a deplorable condition for some time now, and the authorities seem unconcerned to address the problem, even though many of them use the road to access the resorts and other riverine areas.
Road users, especially motorists, are frustrated at the present condition. In some areas, the vehicles look as if they are going down in a trench. Many persons have complained that their vehicles have been badly damaged while navigating the huge potholes. Pedestrians are also forced to walk in the mud and huge potholes to avoid being in the path of oncoming traffic.
To date, no one has visited the residents or provided any timeline of when the road would be fixed. The visits only happen during elections’ time, and the promises are made by the politicians that they will return and look into the plight of residents, but once the political campaign is over, they hardly ever come back.
I should also mention that these are farming communities, and the farmers in this area contribute significantly to feeding the nation. There are also many loggers and sawmills in this area who contribute to the housing boom in the country.
We believe that the President truly cares about the concerns of the Guyanese. We understand that he may not be fully aware of what is happening in every community. On behalf of all of the residents, I am therefore bringing this matter to his attention with the hope that he would visit our area and get a better understanding of the problems we are facing, such as the road situation.
I am attaching a photograph captured a few days ago, so that the authorities and readers in general would have some clarity of the present condition of the road.

Yours sincerely,
Robin Salim on
behalf of hundreds
of residents

Editor’s Note: This letter was sent to the Public Works Ministry and we were advised that this road along with hundreds of others will be fixed in 2022