Development of natural resources: United front needed to protect region from ‘outside voices’ – T&T Energy Minister

The Energy Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Stuart Young, is lobbying for countries within the Caribbean Community (Caricom) to collaborate and carve their own destiny amid attempts by developed countries to influence the region’s decision-making.
Speaking at the Guyana Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo on Tuesday, the Trinidadian Minister sought to highlight the pressure being put on Caricom countries by developed economies of the Global North to manage natural resources while keeping climate change in mind.
Ironically, he added, those same nations have developed their wealth by using their own resources and those of developing nations who are now in the exploration phase.

Energy Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Stuart Young

Young directed, “My message is about us taking control of our own destiny. We are sophisticated enough, intelligent enough, and it is time we have confidence enough to really direct our decision-making. Let us be a little cautious, as we go forward, to the outside voices and pressures that so often want to influence our decision-making in these very important decisions that have decades and decades of outcome.”
Part of the collaboration, Young added, would allow for sharing of information and experiences to strengthen the region’s position to operate in the dynamic and sophisticated world of energy.
Now heavily behind this approach, he said, “It is all about respect and fairness of relationships. I offer that to Guyana and Suriname in our collaborative approach. I am convinced that if we work together, we change the dynamic; and it becomes a similar platform that others must come to us to negotiate for.”
The Energy Minister spoke about fairness, equity, and responsibleness to manage resources, adding that Governments of Caricom are prepared to work together for the benefit of future generations.

Energy and Technology Minister of Newfoundland and Labrador, Andrew Parsons

According to him, the COVID-19 pandemic and Ukraine-Russia war have already demonstrated unfavourable outcomes for the region, and any future crisis would reflect similar reactions.
Young declared, “Let us work together and learn from our experiences; and let us have a unified voice as we go forward, to ensure that we protect our region. If there is another crisis, the outcome and reaction will be no different than COVID and the Ukraine-Russia war. We are the ones who own the resources, and our people are the ones who own the resources. We are in a position to take the types of decisions that future generations will benefit from. There’s enough of the pie for everyone.”
The Energy and Technology Minister of Newfoundland and Labrador, Andrew Parsons, who is also participating in the confab, has committed support for building-out of the local petroleum industry by declaring in his virtual presentation, “Newfoundland and Labrador have diverse expertise that we’re eager to share. This includes developing infrastructure for offshore oil development; supply chain development; forging agreements with major industry players; ensuring the safety of workers, and training the workers of tomorrow…
“Through the Guyana-Canada Chamber of Commerce, we have already seen a flourishing of partnerships, joint ventures, and business success for both of our jurisdictions.” (G12)